SUNDAYS, SEP-MAY, 4:30-6:00PM (New Time)

Awana is fun with a purpose! It's a community Bible club with an emphasis on Scripture memory and Christian living for kids. We're part of a worldwide Awana kids' club ministry
that exists to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him. Kids from our church and around the community come together for fun, learning, and fellowship.
Children are separated into smaller clubs based on age: Cubbies (3-4yrs.), Sparks (K-2nd grade), Truth & Training (3rd-6th grade).

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This site begins with information on how we will kick-off Awana and adjust things in light of the pandemic. We're also leaving up how things would run normally, so that new families to Awana and this page can understand how club works once we're all back on campus. Please scroll to the CHECK-IN PROCEDURE section to note changes and the safety measures we will implement.

During COVID-19


Step 1: At Home 
For now, your Clubber can keep working in any unfinished Handbook at home and you may continue to sign-off on completed sections. Clubbers may get started in their new Handbooks right away too! This is Faith@home in action! If you need a new Handbook and missed our Awards & Handbooks Drive-thru Event on Aug. 30, contact Mrs. Ott, our Awana Store Director, at or (214)649-4887. Club dues will be waived this year for all Clubbers.

Step 2: Virtual 
Sept. 1, Registration will open for Awana. In the sign-up, you will be asked to indicate how your child plans to participate, online or in-person.
Sept. 20 we will begin Awana online only. Families will find all they need to do Awana at home posted here on our main Awana page. We plan to use Zoom to connect with our Clubbers and their families. Additional resources will be posted on this page weekly.

Step 3: Socially Distanced
Oct 4. We will add in-person Awana using safety measures. Let us know if you would consider becoming a Leader this year. (Some of our more senior Leaders in the past are not able to safely return because of the pandemic.)

Step 4: Hybrid until…
Our goal is to offer families the option of online OR in-person and will continue this way for awhile, until the number of new COVID-19 cases goes down and stays down.

We look forward to the day when we can ALL return to in-person club once again. Thank you for your patience as we navigate this course.

Awana Clubs Your way in 2020

We will have families connecting both online and in-person this fall, and have been praying for all of you.
Thank you for making Awana a priority with your family.

all club announcements: 

➤  i9 Sports is getting set for a Fall Sports Camp: Saturdays, Oct. 3-Nov. 14. Click here for details. 

➤  Please update your Planning Center account so we have current information for your family.

We began online Sep. 20 & we will add in-person on Oct. 4.
If online, find your club below and connect with all the resources available.


Director: Cari Marshall
Handbook Time: Parent/guardian may sign-off on completed sections.
Council Time: We will Zoom Council Time at 5:00PM
Once you have registered your child for Awana we will email you the Zoom link.


Director: Cathy Hull
Handbook Time: Parent/Guardian may sign-off on completed sections -or- Zoom with a Leader/LIT at 5:00PM
Council Time: We will Zoom Council Time at 5:30PM
Once you have registered your child for Awana we will email you the Zoom link.

T&T Girls Club

Director: Ruth Behring
Handbook Time: Parent/guardian may sign-off on completed sections -0r- Zoom with a Leader/LIT at 5:00PM
Once you have registered your child for Awana we will email you the Zoom link.
Council Time: We will Zoom Council Time at 5:30PM

T&T Boys Club

T&T | Pioneers: Robert Riggs
Pals: Nathan Wilson
Handbook Time: Parent/guardian may sign-off on completed sections -or- Zoom with a Leader/LIT at 4:30PM
Council Time: We will Zoom Council Time at 5:00PM
Once you have registered your child for Awana we will email you the Zoom link.

Friends Club

Director: Dick Wick
Our young adult special needs club is the longest running and only club of it's kind in the area. Call for information.
Friends will begin in-person only Oct. 4

Need Help?

Commander: Pastor Jerry Hull (214) 215-3548
Awana Coord.: Patti Riggs (469)337-2531
Store Director: Stephanie Ott (214)649-4887
Tech Support: Jonathan Ott (972)839-1121
Safety Team: Tim Parker (214)729-6942
Children's Min Assistant: Erica Good (214)808-7502
Nursery/PreK Coord: Donna Towns (972)351-6286

bonus resources:

Song of the week:

Games of the week:

Chill: Favorite Board Game
Play a family favorite board game. This is your time to connect and just have fun with your child.

Active: Classy Moves
Put on some of your kids' favorite music.
Players form a circle standing 3 feet away from each other. The dance leader will be in the middle.
The dance leader will dance in the middle for 20 seconds. 
Everyone must copy the dance leader's classy moves. Then it's someone else's turn.
Continue until each player gets a chance to be the dance leader.

Lesson video option 1:

Lesson video option 2:


Our required security check-in procedure applies to all ages. If you have children in Sparks or T&T, please park in the rear parking lot and enter the FLC building through the main lobby.

NEW! Please read carefully.
-Parents/Guardians and Clubbers meeting in the FLC building are required to wear a face mask. We have added multiple hand-sanitizing stations and usage will be encouraged during club. We will social distance and have adjusted flow and designated stairwell usage by club. Our building is being cleaned often, including Sunday afternoons, so after Sunday morning families leave and before our Awana families arrive...And then it's cleaned again...

-As you enter you will find multiple check-in stations and some friendly folks to check your child in for you. At Check-in, your child will receive a printed name badge sticker to wear, and the guardian dropping them off will receive a Guardian Receipt sticker with a matching security code. You may check in multiple children at one time, but will still receive one security sticker that you will present when you return for all of your children. Note: Your child’s name badge will display pertinent information including Medical/Allergy info. Please keep your phone turned on, in the event that your child needs you.

-We are trying to limit the number of people in specific areas in the building and maintain social distancing recommendations, so there is no longer a drop-off in the gym or Flag Ceremony.

-Once your kiddos are checked in, and if you feel comfortable:
T&T Clubbers can go on their own to their club locations. T&T Girls go to the Gym and T&T Boys to FLC 203, the Castle Room, where they will find their club Leaders and LITs waiting to greet them. T&T Boys will only use the stairwell with the big painted ship, behind the elevator.
Sparks Parents/Guardians and Clubbers may only use the stairwell to the right of the lobby -OR- they may wait momentarily with their Clubber at the foot of the stairs and a runner will come take them up to their room; you will then use the EXIT next to the stairs.
Cubbie Parents, please walk your Cubbie over to Room 108, the Barn Room, in the Worship Center building. If you are only bringing a child to Cubbies, you may park in the front lot and use the check-in station at the Faith@home Center.
Friends Club Families, welcome back! You know what to do.

-Check-out will occur at the child’s classroom door by the adult in charge. (Sparks: 209, T&T Girls: 121 & 122, T&T Boys: Gym) To check out, guardians must present their matching Guardian Receipt sticker so that we can insure a child is picked up by an authorized adult guardian.

-Remember, club ends at 6PM!

Thank you for your cooperation as we provide a safe and secure environment for your kiddos.


At Club, kids get to play active games, hear solid, biblical teaching, and learn the basics for a relationship with God. They work at saying Bible verses they learned at home, memorizing more verses, and applying them to their daily lives, in an environment with lots of positive friendships, encouragement, and affirmation. Little kids get a pint-sized version of what the big kids enjoy. NOTE: In order to keep a safe adult:child ratio, the Cubbies class sizes are limited.

Remember to wear tennis shoes and bring your friends! We'll have special theme nights once a month, cook-outs, and Awana sponsored outreach events like Trunk or Treat. Take a peek at our calendar and we'll also send you a weekly text reminder of what's coming up.

Cost: Regular attendees will need to purchase a uniform ($10-$16 depending on which club), a handbook ($10), and pay a registration fee ($20 per child or $50 max per family), which covers Awana Club dues, Clubber awards, and all of the fun stuff we include on club nights.

As with any of our Children’s Ministry opportunities, parents and other caring adults are always welcome to join us as leaders or for special event nights. Awana is also a great opportunity for teens. It’s a ministry the entire family can plug into.

Here's a  look back at our great time together before the quarantine.

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