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Honduras Compassion Trip

Honduras Compassion Trip

Saturday, August 01, 2020 - Saturday, August 08, 2020

Cost: $2287.00

Coordinator: Curt Krohn


¡Será un viaje emocionante!
It indeed is going to be an exciting trip!
Faith Bible Church has always had a close relationship with Compassion International. But this relationship was relatively hidden, quiet and not easily noticed. The reason for the ‘secret relationship’ was that individuals and/or families supported children through Compassion from their homes and on their own.
This past year, however, Faith brought her relationship with Compassion out of the dark and placed it center stage in a bright spotlight! Faith Bible Church hosted the Compassion Project and watched as 100’s were exposed to the struggle of hunger and poverty world-wide. Hosting, however, was not enough....the family of Faith Bible adopted 45+ children through Compassion International from a single project in San Pedro Sula, Honduras!
I look forward with great anticipation to being able to meet Amilcar & his twin brother, Caleb! These are the two 5-year-old boys Lana and I sponsored through Compassion. And whether or not you have chosen to sponsor a child(ren), you are welcome and encouraged to travel with us to San Pedro Sula this coming August. This trip will be characterized by loving on children caught in the grip of hunger and poverty, of seeing the transformation that can occurs when Compassion steps into a community, of the joy of serving this church and these children and of rich times of spiritual fellowship!
Living to Make Him Know, Pastor Curt

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