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Habakkuk does not start off by singing "though the fig tree should not blossom...yet I will rejoice in the Lord." He arrives at this place by way of conversation with God. He speaks of the injustice and violence that he “sees" constantly.  And from this honest starting place, the Lord shapes and challenges that vision telling him to "look and see" the unbelievable work that He is about to perform.  

In the process of talking it through with God and listening to Him and waiting for Him, Habakkuk's faith is strengthened and in the end he's able to say, "I will wait quietly...".

May we join him in this:  let us enjoy regularly the privilege of taking everything to God in prayer and experiencing the strengthening of our faith and deepening of our joy in Him—regardless of our circumstances.


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Quick, For 5 points, what did the priest tell Rudy? “Son, in thirty-five years of religious study, I've come up with only two hard, incontrovertible facts; there is a God, and, I'm not Him.”  Nobody in Nahum and Revelation 8 got this fact.

Nineveh never previously lost a battle yet they were destroyed. Mankind never lost one-third of the sea, ships, fresh water, aquatic life and light from the sun, moon and stars. Yet with four trumpet blasts catastrophe will happen to the world. There is a God and we are not Him.

So what do we do? Like Rudy, make sure you are on the right team. We are not God, but in Christ, we are on His team, in fact in His family.

What else? Kind of like Rudy, keep trying. Review your past and individually proclaim Psalm 136: “the Lord is good and His steadfast love endures forever.” Today, say it, “the Lord is good and His steadfast love endures forever.” In your future, trust Him “the Lord is good and His steadfast love endures forever.”

What else? Like Rudy, stay hungry. Proverbs 30:7-9 - May we never be so rich that we say “I do not need God.” But do not ask to be too hungry, that we reject God’s goodness and then we slander Him to others. (Never deny Psalm 136) Stay hungry to know Him more. One great day we will be cheered by the heavenly crowds and we will know His goodness and His steadfast love in all fullness. Better than “Rudy” the movie.


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