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It is not easy to read the treatment of Jesus in Matthew 27:15-31 without great emotions.  The passage also highlights an essential fact about Jesus from the lips of Pilate’s wife when she calls Jesus an “innocent man”: that Jesus was perfectly sinless.  Pilate himself exclaims “What crime has he done?”  We can further ask, "what sin has Jesus ever done?".  He had 33 years to commit even one sin, but never did.  He was tempted daily as we are, but never gave in to it and sinned. 

What does that mean for you and me today?  I feel I can relate more personally to Jesus knowing that as a human being His flesh felt the same feelings that my flesh feels.  Pray this short prayer with me: “Lord Jesus, when I feel the struggles of my flesh, I am comforted to know You understand.  You experienced everything I am experiencing.  Help me to overcome the temptations I feel, and that You felt.  Amen.”

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The event in my life that is most like Aaron’s and his sons’ ordination was my wedding day. Both included a uniform, church decorations, vows memorized, and candles. In front of God and many witnesses, I vowed: “l am committed to you. I will live with you, my bride, and love you for the rest of my life.”

In Aaron and his sons’ service they sacrificed the sin offerings to cleanse the priests and the people. Then the Lord gave the fellowship offering back to Aaron and his sons to provide food for them. But the service was to demonstrate, twice daily, the Lord’s promise to His people, “I brought you up from slavery so that I could live among you.”

In Matthew 26, Jesus is our Priest and sin offering. The disciples were not even sure who would betray Him. Who would do this high treason, this return to slavery, this unforgivable sin? Yet, Jesus knew and forgave! In agony Jesus prayed in the garden. Ah, we can relate to the disciples. He is our sacrifice and we were asleep - like dumb sheep. How could He still live among us?

Lord, how great is Your goodness. Yes, how great. Knowing you, Lord, blesses us abundantly. In both Aaron's ordination and the Cross, He communicates to us the greatest expression of what He vowed to us, His bride, “I will live with you and love you for all time.”


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