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In Genesis 1, God like an artist starts with a lifeless planet earth covered with complete darkness and ocean.    He, then, adds light to the canvas separating it from the darkness.  After adding the sky, He then brushes in the land.  Next, he adds plants and trees to the landscape to which He gave the ability to reproduce through the seed process.  After adding the sun, moon, and stars, He brushes in all marine life and birds, also giving them the ability to reproduce as He gave the plants.  After initially creating life, He lets reproduction take over.  Another thought is that when He next creates plants and animals, He has them reproduce “after their own kind”.  An elephant doesn’t give birth to a tiger, but the reproduction process is done within its own species. 

Next, God adds human beings who are unique in that they are made in God’s image.  The image of God means God made human beings to share some of the same attributes, such as the ability to think creatively and make decisions.  God is concerned about right and wrong and made folks in His image with a sense of right and wrong.  In Romans, we read that every person is without excuse since God has created them with a basic ability to understand His truth revealed in creation.  In Genesis 2, we read that Adam and Eve are held accountable for their actions as they knew what they were doing was wrong.  But as we enter this New Year of 2018, we as believers have something Adam and Eve didn’t have, which is the Holy Spirit inside of us.  My prayer for myself and all my Faith Bible Church family is that we live as new creations this New Year.  We have a fresh canvas and a fresh start.


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I love this psalm because it beautifully demonstrates all of existence praising the Lord. And then, even praise that He has raised up a strong king as well. These words seemed rather reassuring this morning. Praise God on high!

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