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I love this psalm because it beautifully demonstrates all of existence praising the Lord. And then, even praise that He has raised up a strong king as well. These words seemed rather reassuring this morning. Praise God on high!

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Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is fast approaching. I hope you have had a blessed Holiday season. I can well remember that, as a child, it seemed Christmas took forever to arrive. Now, if I blink at the wrong time, Christmas just blows by and there does not seem to be even enough time to reflect on our Savior’s birth and what it means to me personally, let alone concentrate on His second coming. I can remember (given my advancing years, remembering is a challenge) my eager anticipation as I awaited Christmas. I longed for the Day to arrive. I wonder if this is what the Jewish people experienced as they awaited the coming Messiah?

Today, the anticipation I feel is more focused on His second coming or the day of my death, if the Lord should tarry. I have reached the time in life when I have a much larger stake in Heaven than I have in this life. Now, do not get me wrong, I very much enjoy my family and friends and still lead a productive life. But my heart is in Heaven and I truly long for that reunion.

You are probably asking yourselves, ‘How in the world did he get this from Psalm 147?’ After all, I even told some people I was going to wax eloquent on verse 17 which reads, “Who can stand before his cold?” When I reread the passage this morning, my eyes and heart were drawn to verse 11, “The Lord favors those who fear Him, those who WAIT for His lovingkindness.” That is exactly where I am now: waiting, anticipating, expecting. I am eagerly looking forward to what He has instore for the future. Even now, come Lord Jesus!


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