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The Biggest Problem of Distraction

Four time in 1 Kings 11 the text states that '...(Solomon's) heart was turned away from the Lord and to other gods.'  Solomon's 1000 sexual partners caused him to forsake following closely after the Lord and to participate in the worship of those gods his wives and concubines followed.  God warned the King that this could happen and the King ignored His counsel...not wise, Solomon!

I am continually astounded that the Lord desires an intimate relationship with His people (with ME!)...even when He knows they will betray Him in the did King Solomon!  Jesus also prayed, "I desire that (those) whom You have given Me be with Me where I am..." (Jn 17:24). 

While the Lord wants to be with us, sin causes an interruption in my relationship with the distracts me from WHO he is and what He has asked of me. Last night, Golden State won the NBA Playoffs and they did it at home.  There was a strength and a focus they seemed to gain from being on their home court that they did not posses in Game 4 while in Cleveland and it brought them victory.

The Lord is eager to walk with us, to reveal Himself to us, give us His strength and victory.  Our task is to remain un-distracted and focused....but this requires we remain obediently 'at home' with Him.

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Work and Worship

 "So King Solomon became greater than all the kings of the earth in riches and in wisdom." (I Kings 10:23) One cannot help but be impressed by Solomon's wealth as you read through 1 Kings 9 & 10.  The gold, silver (that the text says was not valuable in Solomon's day - 10:21), precious stones, horses, chariots, spices, thrones, cities and more.

The text makes it clear, however, that it was the King's worship (1 Kings 9:3-5) and his wisdom (10:24) that brought him such treasure. There is currently being built in DeSoto a 'business incubator'....a place to encourage & generate new businesses.  I listened to the pitches from the businesses wanting a spot in this new incubator and not a single entrepreneur encouraged simply acquiring wisdom.  None were focused on getting to know the Lord through His Word.   We separate business and wealth from our pursuit of God. Some believe it is possible to worship the one true God on Sunday morning and be a completely different person Monday through Saturday.  Some believe our walk with Jesus and our work are completely unrelated.

King Solomon's wisdom was consistent and his wealth accumulated.  And, interestingly enough, the world seemed to beat a path to his door to hear his wisdom.  Followers of Jesus must not disconnect who they are on Monday at work from who they are on Sunday at worship (OR believe that God and His gifts can be manipulated by or purchased with wealth as did Simon in today's NT reading in Acts 8).  Wisdom begins when we fear the Lord....the sovereign Governor of the Universe! (Pr. 1:7; 9:10). Worship Him today in and through your work!

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