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Do not look for wisdom within yourself.  True wisdom comes from God.  The wisdom that comes from God causes one to look to the needs/good of others rather than of himself.


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In the Scriptures, we are not told of many things that amazed Jesus. In a portion of today’s reading (Mt. 8:10), we see Jesus respond to the great faith of the Centurian by saying, “I have not found such great faith with anyone in Israel.”  ANYONE?!  Did Jesus really mean ANYONE?  His closest followers....His family....the religious leaders?!  I believe Jesus meant ANYONE. No one in Israel had faith as great as that of this Gentile Centurian. And in the parallel passage in Luke 7:9, the text says the Jesus was amazed at the Centurian’s faith....AMAZED!

What amazes us about Jesus is His ability to teach and communicate truth. There are many examples of this amazement of those that Jesus taught in the Gospels. We are, and they were, also amazed at His ability to heal.  But He is amazed at great faith. Is He amazed at your faith?!  

Curiously, the only other time we see Jesus amazed in the Scriptures is at the ‘lack of faith’ of the people of His hometown, Nazareth (MK. 6:6).  In fact, the text says He could do no miracles in that place because of their lack of faith. Jesus, it would seem, marvels at those who faithfully trust Him, believing He can do what He said He can do and trusting that’s He is Who He says He is.  Is He amazed at your faith OR your lack of faith?  


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