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Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

By: Ypie Doelman
Jesus took three disciples with Him to the garden to pray. While the disciples fell asleep, Jesus came alone to the place where His whole life had been pointed. To drink the cup of suffering to the fullest. Knowing what he was about to face, Jesus’ soul was crushed with grief to the point of death. His sweat turned into drops of blood. Yet, He said to His Father: " I want your will to be done, not mine." And an angel came and strengthened Him."

A garden is usually a quiet, peaceful and well-kept place. In my painting of the scene, I depicted the garden as having trees that look threatening. Trees that look as if they are caving in on Jesus and are stark against the light. I included roots sticking up from the ground that make kneeling painful. The garden I depicted is one where Jesus could not avoid the thorns that would sting and branches that would scratch His face. With this, I tried to capture the agony of Jesus’ heart and soul. The war between darkness and light and life and death.


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Jesus is Crucified

Jesus is Crucified.

By: Ruben Contreras
As I pondered depicting the crucifixion as a work of art, my thoughts kept being drawn to the actual crucifixion day and my role in Christ’s death. I kept asking myself… “Was I there?” or “Was I not there?” At first, I decided “No, I was not there.” But after thinking about it, I remembered that he gave his life for me. So even though I was not physically there, my sin was there so I was there, too.

What would it have been like for me to be there? What would I have thought? How would I have reacted to this scene with so much pain and brutal punishment? What would I have done had I been there?

Christ’s death is the ultimate act of love. The crucifixion itself was so painful and full of suffering. But, Christ chose love for all of us and through his sacrifice we experience the forgiveness of sins and life with Him.

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