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Many of the laws we'll read about in Leviticus have to do with ceremonial and physical cleanliness. The concept of cleanliness permeated the Israelite's life, and great care was taken to limit the spread of "unclean" things such as leprosy. Indeed, leprosy was an especially tragic disease -- not only was the disease incurable, the person was considered unclean and cut off from the community. Throughout OT times, the laws to bring a person cured from leprosy back into Jewish society had never been used (ref. Leviticus 14). The common thought was that only the Messiah would be able to cleanse someone with leprosy and set these laws in motion.


Which is why Jesus' healing of the man with leprosy in Mark 1:40-45 should make us stand up and take notice. This sign tells us a couple things: 

(1) This is a sign of power and holiness! Notice how Jesus cleans the man with leprosy -- He touches him. Jesus does not become unclean. He makes the unclean clean. 

(2) Jesus is the Messiah! Notice his instructions to the man -- they are the ones from Lev. 14. While it looks like the man didn't obey the instructions (can you blame him?), it's pretty clear that this was a messianic sign for the Jewish leaders to investigate.


Take a moment today to praise our precious Savior Jesus. He has the power to make the unclean clean. He is willing. Be cleansed!



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I serve as a member of our  local Economic Development Corporation.  The purpose of this Board is to attract business to our area.  This Corporation is approached regularly by businesses asking for financial consideration and these businesses are asked to see their business plan.  Never has a business or business owner, when asked about their product, replied, "We don't really know what we are supposed to be manufacturing.  In fact, most of our employees give conflicting reports of what they're producing."  This sort of business would never receive a dime from the Economic Development Corporation!  

Yet, many in the church are confused regarding what a disciple is or what he/she is supposed to be doing or producing.  Jesus was very clear about what is a Christ-follower's job description.  Today's reading in Matthew 28 contains what we know of as the Great Commission.  We are to 'make disciples.'  That is Jesus' command to His followers.  'Going,' 'baptizing,' and 'teaching (others) to obey all that Jesus commanded' is how disciples are made.   Do not miss this....we are to 'live to make Jesus known!'  That should be the purpose of our lives! 

I love helping others be successful - whether that success is spiritual, financial, social...whatever.  But the greatest privilege I have is being a disciple of Jesus and helping others grow in their relationship with Him.  We have been called to a lifestyle of discipleship.  As Believers our 'business plan' is reaching, growing and equipping others.  And our product is disciples of Jesus.  Obedience to that command will give one a very Happy Valentines' Day!  

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