A highly respected member of the Jewish community, known by everyone for his service, has a little daughter who is suffering and near death.   There was also an unnamed woman who was suffering an embarrassing and debilitating medical condition. After suffering as long as she could, she sought medical help only to have her condition worsen after seeing “many doctors”. Mark 5:21-43 intertwines both stories and we nervously watch to see which one Jesus will save. What will His choice tell us about His priorities?


Mark describes a large crowd pressing in from every direction to see the popular Jesus. In the middle of the chaos, a leader of the synagogue came and fell at the Messiah’s feet. The respected but scared father left his daughter's side to find the Savior. Upon hearing the father’s plea, Jesus started towards the man’s home. How many things must have flowed through Jairus mind all at once? I know this will work. Will this work? What if we’re too late? Is Jesus really able to heal my daughter? As his pace quickened towards his home, he must have realized that Jesus was not right by his side. Instead, Jesus was looking around the crowd for someone who had “touched” him. Didn’t he know they needed to hurry? Didn’t he know his daughter was not going to last much longer? Jairus had to be confused. Couldn’t this wait until his daughter was saved? Who is he talking to now? Do I know her? Please hurry Lord!


We learn from these intertwined stories that Jesus is never hurried and He is never too busy to take care of each individual who calls out to Him. The unconscious little girl who’s worried father is a respected member of the community and the unnamed woman who has an unspeakable ailment. Both are the top priority for the Messiah.


God cares for the young and the old and everyone in between. He cares for the rich and prominent and He cares for the weak, poor, and infirmed. The unifying factor for Jairus and for the woman was their faith. They both believed in the power of Jesus to immediately address their needs. Both took action that testified of their belief and both received what only God could provide.


May each of us take time today to know that Jesus is listening to each one of us individually and that He alone is able to give us exactly what we need. He is infinite and He can address everyone of our finite needs. Praise the One who sets us free!

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Are there days when you find it is easier for you to wait?  Are there times when life is REALLY HARD yet you persevere successfully?  Why is that easier some days than others?  The psalmist writes in today’s reading from Psalm 37, “The wicked plots against the righteous and gnashes at him with his teeth.  The Lord laughs at him, for He sees his day is coming” (12-13).  When we keep our eyes on eternity, the truth of God’s Word and on our unable-to-fail Father, perseverance is more attainable than when our eyes are fixed on the pain of today.  Scripture is realistic when it speaks of what appears the victory of evil in our day.  Jeremiah states, “Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why do all the treacherous thrive?” (12:1) and Job says, “The tents of the destoyers prosper, and those who provoke God are secure…” (12:6).  Yet, this is a short-sighted vision.


The psalmist says in today’s reading that there is a day coming when the righteous will be rewarded and the wicked will be judged.  There is a day coming when all the wrongs of this world will be righted and when evil will no longer be allowed to triumph.  There is a day coming when Jesus will receive His followers into that place He has prepared for them.  And our Father sees that day.  It is assured and closer now than it was when you started reading this sentence.  And the Lord is laughing at those foolishly pursuing their own plans and pleasure today and ignoring His pleas and His provision for their forgiveness and redemption.   


Do not give up.  Keep your eyes focused on THAT DAY.  Commit yourself to sharing the reality of that day with all you are able.  It might even put a smile on your face!

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