The way we talk is important. Solomon knows it and for him it's one of the most obvious ways to tell whether a person is wise or foolish...

Can I really say that I only speak when it's to say things that I know will benefit those who hear me? No way! My mouth runs away with itself sometimes and I find myself rambling on about all sorts of my ideas or worse trying to fix things with my words - even when I'm trying desperately to help someone! Sometimes the best thing for me to do in order to wisely help someone is to just not speak.

I think Solomon gives us 3 ideas about wise people and their words:

- They are gracious. Selfless talk not selfish talk. They do others good (v12)

- They are controlled. Not running away into sin (v13)

- They are to the point and not aimless. (v14)

'If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything' - Mark Twain.

A prayer - Lord, help me to honor you with my words and to be wise and not foolish! Amen!





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It seems like I am often in a hurry! I run from appointment to appointment. I hurriedly eat lunch in order to get back to the office. I race against the clock trying to get my 4 miles in before my day starts. Many have commented on the schedule I keep....including my wife.  But when it really matters, do I 'hurry'?!

Paul informs the Corinthians in today's reading in the OYB (2 Cor 7:8-16) that he was sorrowful for the pain he'd caused them as he confronted them about the sin in their midst.  Yet he praises them for the result of that sorrow. He says this 'godly sorrow' caused them to possess an indignation with evil, a fear of God, a longing for holiness and more. He also says this sorrow brought them 'earnestness.'  This word, 'earnestness,' is translated elsewhere as 'diligence, effort & hurry.' It comes from a root that means 'to hasten, to urge on.'

When the Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin, there should be an 'earnestness'...a quick, hurried response to put away that sinful thought, behavior or habit. We should race to purity and holiness.  We should make a diligent effort to correct our direction.  This is what godly sorrow produces.  Are you hurried?!

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