I Chronicles 9:1-10:14

It seems like two lifetimes ago, but when I was a sophomore at Wheaton I took an Old Testament course on I & 2 Samuel; I & 2 Kings; and I and 2 Chronicles. The professor was an archeologist that had participated in digs throughout the Holy Land and each time we began a new section he would do a slide presentation of digs that dealt directly with the material he was presenting. It literally brought Scripture to life for me in a very exciting way.

Now, having said this, your assumption would naturally be that I would be writing concerning Saul’s and his sons’ deaths at the end of this passage. After all it is topical, there is a certain amount of drama and there is a very teachable lesson contained here. Maybe I should… no, I better go with my original thought… Have you ever read anything more boring than the genealogies contained here and in other locations in Scripture? You cannot pronounce most of the names and you begin to think “maybe I can just skip over this section and go right to the important stuff.” At least that is what I have thought on numerous occasions. So, why are they here? The same professor that made these books come alive for me had a very logical way of looking at this. If you were of the family of Levi and wanted to work in the temple or claim family property this would be the most important information in these chapters. And, the other genealogies in the previous chapters would be used by other family members to prove their rights or claims to family property.

Then the professor said that with the coming of Christ that all changed. “So in Christ Jesus we are all children of God through faith…” We no longer have to prove that we are of the right family, or the right religion, or the right race, or the right gender, or the right whatever demographic you would want to put here. So the next time you come upon a long list of genealogies in your Bible reading I hope you smile and read every word, mispronouncing and all. Then, when you have finished, say a short prayer thanking God that we belong because we are Christ’s.



1 Chronicles. If you have been reading through the One Year Bible then you have read through many, many names. Some of these names may have been familiar and easily pronounced. But for many Western readers these names were difficult and foreign. These lists of names and families demonstrates that God knows His creations and their character. Now, what if, for the past 2500 years since 1 Chronicles was written, the Lord had chosen to include your name beside the others?

For most Americans, the page with their name on it would have either been framed or opened to that section and displayed under glass. We would have proudly pointed others to the line that included our name. Yet for followers of Jesus, our names ARE written in His book. John and Paul both mention this book. Paul mentions some friends in Philippians 4:3, "...whose names are in the book of life." God knows those who are His.

But it it is even better than that because He knows His children intimately!  In discussing the relative valuelessness of sparrows, Jesus says that His Father knows the number of the hairs of your head!  (Mt. 10:30). The Bible also says He has the number of your days on this planet written down (Job 14:5). Not only does He know you, the number of your days and the number of the hairs on your head, He knows you WELL!  That is something to celebrate!

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