In the text (Mark 3:7-30), it is amazing to me that the unclean spirits saw Jesus as the Son of God!  They saw who He really was.  They didn’t get it completely, but they could see that He was the Son of God.  Yet in the text, his own family could not see this, and the religious leaders of that day could not see this.  The religious leaders actually thought, “He casts out the demons by the ruler of the demons.”  They were spiritually blind!


Let’s stop for a second and think about this.  In the text, you have five groups of people and then Jesus Himself: the demons, the religious leaders, His family, the crowd, His disciples, and Jesus!  Each person or group represent a different perspective.  And each person’s perspective is dependent on someone or something. The crowd’s perspective was dependent on the miracles.  For the family, their perspective was based on familiarity and history.  For the religious leaders, their perspective was based off of the Law and their traditions.   For the demons, they are taking in all that they can see and hear through an unregenerated perspective, and trying to figure out what was happening.  The disciples were dependent on the instructions of Jesus.  And last but not least you have Jesus, whose perspective and actions are solely based on His Father and what is being revealed to Him in every moment.  Each perspective is dependent on something or someone!  Each has an angle of viewing the events of that day, but each has blind spots.  Even Jesus had things that had to be revealed to Him in the moment by His Father.  He was fully God and fully man and yet He chose to live as a man with limitations…dependent on His Father and the Spirit.  Which brings me to a thought…


I want to see Jesus for who He truly is, and yet I have blind spots that will always be there. I will always be limited by my own understanding, my experience, religion and tradition, relationships, the circumstances that the enemy himself manipulates, and my own humanity in general!  And yet what I have come to realize is that blind spots truly don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  I just have to keep my eyes on Jesus, His Words, and the Father!  I love the way Francis Chan stated it in one of his books.  “Stare at Him!”  Find Him, find His Voice, stay fixed on His Word…and “STARE AT HIM”.  Then the blind spots don’t matter.  I will see what He wants me to see.  I will know what He wants me to know, and I can go where He wants me to go.  STARE AT HIM!

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Matthew 28 is surely the “Go and tell” chapter.  The angel told the two Mary’s to “Go and tell” the disciples that Jesus is risen.  Then Jesus met them as they were going and told them again to “Go and tell” the disciples.   Later when Jesus met up with the disciples on a mountain in Galilee, he again told them to “Go” and continue His mission of saving folks.  Amazingly, even the soldiers would “Go”; they were witnesses to the resurrection and went and told the Chief Priests.  The Chief Priests also would “Go” and tell the Elders. 

I remember “going and telling” several people when I found a 20 dollar bill in a bush near a school.  I wanted them to know that something good had happened to me.  I guess I wanted them to share in my joy, too.  Sharing with them sort of let the good feeling continue a little longer.  In some ways, telling folks that God loves them, wants to freely forgive their sins, and already made a way to do that on the cross, keeps the joy of my salvation real and fresh each new day.

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