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I had the privilege of taking a rock climbing class in college (okay, it was partly to avoid taking a “real” PE class). It was just a blast. Learning safe climbing techniques, testing them out on climbing walls, and then doing a real climb out in the desert of California. I remember getting about halfway up the main climb and looking around. Beautiful! But I still had more to go until I reached the summit, and there were still parts of the climb that I had to be wary of.

In Paul’s closing notes to the church in Rome (Rom. 16:10-27) we see something similar. Paul greets members of this church that he’s developed relationships with over his years of ministry. He commends them individually — these are people who are “beloved workers in the Lord,” and some of them have been following Christ for a long time. Paul then exhorts them that the journey is not yet finished. There are going to be problems within the church that they would need to be wary of and take action against (v.17-20). Paul also gives them some good news: they are on the right track in their obedience to God (v.19), God is able to establish them (v.25), and they would soon have the final victory over Satan (v.20).

Let us be encouraged in our faith journey as well. God is faithful, and will establish us as we seek to be commendable servants of Him, “wise in doing right and…innocent of any wrong.” (v.19)


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One of the persistent caricatures of our God is that He is a violent, vindictive Judge Who exults in finding opportunity to punish & persecute His people. Each of us has experienced either the Enemy’s condemning whispers or our own heart’s rebellious thoughts regarding what we perceived to be God’s overly angry & vengeful response to our sin and weakness. 

Today, even as we read of King Hezekiah’s intercession for His people who were wrongly observing the Passover (2 Chronicles 30), we should be astounded by God’s grace & mercy.  The king invites the nation to once again observe the commanded feast...the Passover. Some mock the invitation & some respond positively. Of those responding positively, many ate the Passover without consecrating themselves. But Hezekiah prays, “May the Lord pardon everyone who prepares his heart to seek God....”. And He does!  

The Lord is gracious & full of mercy, &, according to Psalm 25, pardons our sin “according to His lovingkindness...for His goodness sake...for His name’s sake’!  It is Who He is!  Today, as you come to our Father, thank Him for Who He is, for how He loves us & for how He treats us consistent with His character!  

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