Acts 28:3 "But when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks and laid them on the fire," --  Seems to me we see in this Paul as a humble man and willing to do what is helpful and necessary for all.  Paul, a prisoner, had just led and explained how, though the ship would sink, all two hundred seventy six on board who sailed with him would be saved.  Now, though not a young man, I think he is doing what he can to be helpful by picking up sticks.  It may just be that what Paul said to the Lord when he first meet Him on the road to Damascus “Lord what do You want me to do” was never far from his conscious thought.  Paul’s testimony as one has said is an example of how a Christian should live their life.

A good go along with the blog is the song that follows:

Norman J. Clayton wrote  "Ev’ry Moment of Ev’ry Day"

Only to be what He wants me to be, every moment of every day; Yielded completely to Jesus alone, every step of this pilgrim way:

Chorus: Just to be clay in the Potter’s hands, ready to do what His will commands; only to be what He wants me to be, every moment of every day.

Trusting my Saviour what ever betide, every moment of every day; knowing He’s able and ready to guide, every step of this pilgrim way:

Living for Jesus, surrendered and true, every moment of every day; walking with only His pleasure in view, every step of this pilgrim way.

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Psalm 7

In this psalm, David cries out to the Lord for deliverance from the wicked. It’s apparent that this wicked pursuant, Cush, wants David dead and will stop at nothing.

Although no one has put a hit out on me (that I know of), there have been days when it felt like the world was against me. So I can relate with David. I’ve definitely called out to the Lord for protection and defense. And as in David’s case, God has been faithful to defend me time and time again.

But if I’m honest, It's not only David that I relate to...but also with Cush, the wicked man. Don’t get me wrong; I haven’t tried to kill anyone. But I definitely know what it’s like to live out verses 12-16. I’ve been on the wrong end of God’s spear, and I’ve definitely felt the pain of falling into my own pit. And I’d still be there if it wasn’t for Jesus.

So as I read Psalm 7, a song that begins with gloom and ends in praise, I can relate. It humbles me and gives me hope! Hope in the One who is willing to deliver us from our enemies, go to battle for us, and when needed, pull us out of the very pit that we've dug for someone else. 

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