Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people. The king’s favor is toward a servant who acts wisely, but his anger is toward him who acts shamefully. Proverbs 14:34-35

Christians frequently have different opinions about political issues, and even about the extent that Christians should be involved in politics.

Regardless of our political views, we can be quite certain that we as Christians are obliged and obligated to pay our taxes (Romans 13:6). And we are to pray for our government leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-2), something written at a time when political leaders did not favor Christians.

We think of Joseph and Daniel as political servants who served their (foreign) governments well. By their godly lives they brought blessing to their respective countries, and they enjoyed their kings’ favor. Queen Esther and Nehemiah are also examples of those who acted wisely and served well in the halls of government.

Are we godly citizens who “exalt our nation” by righteous living, by lives of integrity? Sin and corruption are a disgrace to any country; let’s both exhibit and stand for righteousness, and exalt God and our nation by doing so.


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I Samuel 1:1-2:21

In the first couple of chapters of I Samuel you have a unique scene.  You have Eli, the high priest, and his two sons Hophni and Phinehas serving as priest of the LORD.  Unfortunately, Hophni and Phinehas are serving in such a way that it is causing the people to “treat the offering of the LORD with contempt.”  During this same time Hannah is married to Elkanah, who has two wives, Hannah and Peninnah.  Hannah’s rival, Peninnah, has sons and daughters, but for whatever reason the LORD has shut Hannah’s womb.  And so year after year Peninnah torments Hannah, and year after year Hannah remains frustrated, and year after year the sons of Eli sin against the LORD, and year after year the people of God are impacted by this sin.  Both the house of the LORD and the house of Elkanah have a problem, and God is going to kill two birds with one stone.  Samuel will be that stone.  The birth of Samuel is going to be the answer to the problems of both houses.


This leads me to a thought!  Whether we realize it or not our lives are sovereignly intertwined.  They are connected with God’s plan for others all around us.  Our prayer life or lack of it has a ripple effect in ways that we may never see.  The son that Hannah desired would be the judge and prophet that Israel needed.  It appears that God opens Hannah’s womb at the moment she vows to surrender what she desires to what God desires.  In other words, it’s like God is saying or showing us that, I will give you what you want when what you want aligns with what I want.  Because, ultimately what God wants is what the world and the church needs most…His glory and His manifest Presence in our lives!


Lord, help me to align my will with your will, my desires with your desires, and my ways with your ways, so that I can be a vessel for your glory to be seen both in my life and in the life of others. 

In Christ’s Name



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