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Today's reading concludes the Psalms with Psalm 150, a psalm of praise! What a fitting conclusion and reminder to His children. The psalm even outlines our praise for Him: Where? In His sanctuary (vs 1)! Why? (For His mighty deeds and excellent greatness (vs 2)!  How? With any instrument we can get our hands on (vs 3-5)! And finally, Who? Everything that has breath (vs 6)! We have received our life from the Lord; He alone is worthy of the highest praise. May our lives praise Him! 

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2 Kings 18:13-19:37

In today’s OT reading, we see King Hezekiah facing a potentially kingdom-ending problem. After a great showing of faith by restoring temple worship (2 Kings 18:1-6) and not paying tribute to Assyria (18:7), the Assyrian king decides to come beat down this upstart who dares trust in the Lord.


We’d love to say that Hezekiah’s trust in the Lord is flawless, but this confrontation doesn't start off so well. (Paying off the Assyrian king by cutting gold off the temple doors? Really?) But when the envoys come to Jerusalem and start spreading lies about God and His will (18:25), Hezekiah returns the focus of his trust to where it should be: in the one true God. Because of this, Isaiah is able to encourage King Hezekiah (19:6-7, 20-34) and strengthen his faith—and God comes through in a spectacular fashion!


Hezekiah’s story of faith contains some great reminders for us: reminders of God’s protective care for us, and of our need to place our trust in Him and Him alone.



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