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Jesus’s words in Luke 13:25 are quite sobering. At some point, time will run out and it will be too late to be saved. Just like God locked the door of Noah’s ark and it was then too late for anyone else to climb onboard, at some point in the future it will be too late to be saved. Notice the reason people won’t be saved — because Jesus doesn’t know them (repeated twice in Luke 13:25-26). Salvation comes from knowing Jesus – having a relationship with Him. Not by having our “good” deeds outweigh our “bad” ones.

How about we spend the rest of our days on this earth bringing as many people to Jesus as we can?  That is a life that's well lived. 

Living to make Him Known... is a great place to start.


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I was returning home from a conference last week, and on my flight there was a group of several dozen teens who were also heading back from a short term missions trip. They looked changed: tired, but full of a joy that had come from seeing God working in and through them. It was really fun to see.


In today’s New Testament passage (Luke 9:51-10:12), Jesus sends out a larger group of disciples ahead of him to experience something very similar. They were to be a spiritual “advance guard” — going ahead of Jesus to heal the sick and proclaim the good news that the Kingdom of heaven was near (10:9). They were also to pray for workers in the spiritual harvest (10:2). What is the result? If you peek ahead a few verses (10:17-20), you’ll see that they are profoundly changed. They had connected with the heart and power of God, and that allowed them to connect with the mission of God — to bring people into His Kingdom. Beautiful!


We might not be going around the world, but our commission is the same: to make disciples. As you spend time in prayer today, allow God to fill you with His power-giving Spirit, and to show you His heart for the lost. Let God give you the power you need to serve Him with joy!



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