Praise the LORD! 

Psalm 106 begins the way Psalm 105 ended, saying hallelujah! Psalm 105 gave praise because of God’s many gifts and blessings to Israel. Psalm 106 gives praise because of God’s great mercy to an often rebellious and ungrateful Israel. 

The Psalmist starts this Psalm thanking and praising the LORD for His goodness and mercy, which endures forever. He says, those who keep the LORD’S judgment and are righteous all the time are blessed. How many of us fit into that category? We all fall short from time to time in spite of our best efforts.   

The Psalmist confesses to the LORD that they have sinned against Him and have done wickedly like their fathers. He recounts how their ancestors didn’t understand the wondrous works of the LORD in Egypt. Nor did they remember how merciful God was to them. They provoked the LORD at the Red Sea when Moses led them out of Egypt, but He still saved them for His sake. He made His mighty power known by causing the Red Sea to part and allowing the Israelites to walk through on dry land. He saved them from the enemy when he rolled the Red Sea back over them (Exodus 14). Not one of their enemies was left standing. As the Israelites marveled at His wondrous works they believed His words and sang His praises (Exodus 15:1).  

I like that way what Charles Spurgeon explains this, “Since man ceases not to be sinful, it is a great blessing that Jehovah ceases not to be merciful.”  

What does God have to do to get our attention and cause us to believe His Word and praise His holy name? Maybe it starts with an attitude of gratitude. It is November, you know, and a great month for us to dwell in thankfulness and thoughts of His great mercy towards us.


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Proverbs 27:3, A stone is heavy and sand a burden, but a fool’s provocation is heavier than both. (NIV)


What is the heaviest thing you’ve tried to move recently? For me it was an old wooden picnic table that needed to be moved from one end of a field to another. One other man, 30 years younger, and I were tasked with moving this overbuilt, bulky, mass in the dark across an un-level field. Using the sheer size of the object and the steadiness of the strong helper for balance, I struggled to move my end of that table step-by-stumbling-step until finally it was done. Not wanting to show the effects of my age, I smiled, congratulated my helper for keeping up, and took each step back to my car slowly letting my back decompress, hoping the pains I felt were temporary.


As heavy as that picnic table was, it was feather-light compared to the anguish (not to mention the anger, wrath, and resentment) that can result from putting your trust in someone who lets you down. The NET Bible uses the old-fashion word “vexation” – resentment caused by a fool. Leaving yourself vulnerable to a fool (one who does not value God’s instructions for living) can lead to deep feelings of anger. These feelings take more than ibuprofen and a nap on a stiff mattress to get over and don’t give you the satisfaction like moving the weighty object.


No matter who the fool is that is weighing down your life, believers know that there is only one Boss, one Leader, one Master, and He is no fool. He will provide the strength and stability to carry the weight.


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