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In Matthew 4:18-22, Jesus calls His first four disciples. I find it interesting that He called four men who were working hard, probably out making a living for their families.  They were also willing and obedient to follow Jesus.  Peter and Andrew left their fishing nets “AT ONCE AND FOLLOWED HIM.”  The scripture also says that “James and John IMMEDIATELY left their boat and their father and followed him.” 

So often I have trouble with immediate obedience. I might argue with God or doubt that God knows what he is asking of me.  It also seems easy to allow other things to be more important than following Jesus.  We need to remember that whatever God asks us to do, he will give us everything we need to be obedient.

My final thought is that God often use our natural abilities for a higher purpose. These four men were fishermen and Jesus promised to make them FISHERS OF MEN.  There is no greater purpose for our lives than to lead people to Christ and teach them to be followers of Him!

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All of us are thinking about time. Whether we are thinking about how much we have grown this past year, what we want to accomplish this next year or simply marveling at the rapid passing of time, New Years Day and the first couple days of the new year causes most of us to reflect on time. 

The psalms have much to say about time but I was struck today by two verbs. The psalmist states in Psalm 1 that the wicked person IS like chaff.  He is like chaff that the wind blows away and that is burned.  The psalmist also states that the person who meditates on and loves the Word of the Lord WILL BE like a tree which is fruitful and prosperous. Today, the wicked person is useless but the Truth-committed person is continually growing into his/her fruitfulness and prosperity. 

Growth in Christlikeness is a lifelong process and what we will be remains to be seen.  However, as one peruses and applies God’s law he/she will never be useless.  But the wicked one is useless today and will be for eternity...unless there is a turning back. 

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