Proverb 26:10: “Like an archer who wounds at random, so is the one who hires a fool or hires any passer-by.”


Last night I watched one of my favorite reality shows. I know what you are thinking but this one is about metal working called Forged in Fire. After eliminating two of the contestants, the final two are asked to make a weapon from the past chosen by the judges. This episode featured a rock-throwing crossbow. Both contestants were sent to their homes to forge a crossbow that fired a projectile and returned 4 days later to compete side-by-side. Jay, the first of the contestants’ weapon featured beautiful woodwork and skillful ironwork but despite the great finish, his weapon did not fire the projectile with much force. Dave’s weapon on the other hand was rougher in appearance and not as mechanically precise but it fired the projectile very hard. When the second of two tests was conducted, Dave’s weapon fired without the trigger being activated. This stunned the evaluators, (and others on the set) and Dave was immediately disqualified.


Proverbs 26:10 compares an archer who wounds at random to a person who carefully makes a plan, sacrifices to set aside the resources, spends the money and gathers the items needed BUT then goes out and hires “a fool” or “any passer-by” to finish the project. Just like Dave who was dropped from the contest for creating a weapon that was unpredictable and dangerous, so is the person who doesn’t carefully choose who he will entrust with his plans and resources. Sometimes the victim of the fool is the very person that hired him do the work and other times it is the person who was standing nearby.


Dave flew across the country twice, spent 4 days in a competition, but didn’t take the time to make sure the trigger mechanism functioned in a safe manner. Instead, he created a strong weapon that was unpredictable and uncontrollable. No matter how much time we spend to make a great plan and sacrifice to provide the resources to carry it out, if we lose attention when it comes to vital step of implementation and hand it off to “just anyone”, then we would have been better off not to start.


I’m so thankful that He who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Phil. 1:6).

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So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.  Psalms 91:12


Here in Psalm 91, we have a prayer from Moses.  And in his prayer, we see the profound statement that our days are numbered!  SO…STOP!  Do not pass go, and do not collect $200.  Take it in fully, and wrestle for a moment with the implications.  We have only a short amount of time on the earth, and then we must give an account.  When that really sinks in, it should provoke a response of some kind.  Maybe your response is confidence or maybe it’s anxiety or maybe it’s peace. No matter what, a life that understands the shortness and finiteness of life has to respond.


Now, the response Moses suggests should follow is a heart that is inclined to receive wisdom.  A heart that embraces wisdom because it knows the implications of this truth.  Wisdom is more than knowledge; it’s knowing when and how to apply the knowledge you have.  In other words, now that I know that I only have a limited amount of time…Lord, help me use that time and this life wisely.


And so in response to Psalm 91:12…comes a prayer from my heart.  God, cause me to have an awareness of the shortness and brevity of this life.  Make me know this truth.  Teach me to live with the reality that everyday has value. Help me to see that every moment is significant and precious in its own way.  Deliver me from procrastination.  Deliver me from indifference to the things I see around me.  Let my understanding of the brevity of life not make me timid but BOLD! Fill my heart with wisdom!  In Jesus Name, Amen

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