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“The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him,”  Proverbs 18:17

For those responsible to help resolve conflicts, whether parents, teachers, church or government leaders, today’s verse from Proverbs makes a good point, and indirectly gives us good advice: it’s good to hear out both parties when their views differ.

It might be our children, our students, or even what can be more complex situations in a church fellowship or the legislative and legal issues that come before our government leaders. We need to hear out both sides of an issue, and not be too hasty to side with the first one to make their case.

May God give all of us who have these responsibilities both wisdom and also patience, which in this case, seems to go with wisdom in helping us understand the issues and resolve a conflict wisely.

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Today's reading concludes the Psalms with Psalm 150, a psalm of praise! What a fitting conclusion and reminder to His children. The psalm even outlines our praise for Him: Where? In His sanctuary (vs 1)! Why? (For His mighty deeds and excellent greatness (vs 2)!  How? With any instrument we can get our hands on (vs 3-5)! And finally, Who? Everything that has breath (vs 6)! We have received our life from the Lord; He alone is worthy of the highest praise. May our lives praise Him! 

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