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Today, Gideon’s seeker journey shows you can never out seek God. His miracles for Gideon were just incredible. Gideon’s large army becomes small, an enemy tells his friend his nightmare of Gideon’s victory with Gideon listening. Then with “shock and awe” or clay pots and torches crashing in the camp, God makes the enemy kill each other. 120,000 enemy soldiers died. Gideon experienced Ps. 97:10 “You who love the Lord, hate evil! He protects the lives of His godly people and rescues them from the power of the wicked.” Yet his tribal brothers treated him rudely. Gideon experienced Proverbs 14: 7-8. “Stay away from fools, for you won’t find knowledge on their lips. The prudent understand where they are going, but fools deceive themselves.” Gideon continued seeking the victory of the Lord even above his fears within and foreign and family enemies without. Gideon is a seeker who finds.

Do we stop seeking the Lord because of our foolishness? Do we think we have it all figured out?

In Luke 23, Pilate stopped seeking because he had it all figured out. Strike 1: Pilate asks “are you the King of the Jews?” Jesus answers “It is as you say.” God is seeking Pilate with this thought, “Pilate, you said it - now believe in Me.” Pilate plays the fool and ignores Jesus’ answer.  Strike 2: Pilate sends Him to Herod. He has it all figured out. No seeking required. He seeks another arrogant ruler instead. Strike 3: Pilate seeks to intimidate the Jews and the crowd by declaring Jesus innocent and then whipping Him. The Jews and the crowd start a riot screaming, “Crucify him and give us a murderer instead!”  Pilate struck out, the Jews struck out, the crowd who stopped seeking Jesus struck out.

Again we must ask, do we stop seeking the Lord because we are proverbial fools?  Do we think we have it all figured out?

Seek Him and find Him. He seeks you. No skills required. Just ask Gideon. Just seek Him. Just ask the criminal crucified next to Jesus. But wait, we can’t this side of heaven, he is with Jesus in paradise. Are you a seeker who finds?


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In Judges now we are seeing Gideon being used by the Lord for His glory!  But Gideon doesn't think so. He knows the Lord, talks to the Lord but there is still a trust issue.  That's like saying "I'm here for you, Lord. Anything you need, just don't ask me."  We all know we need  the service part until the service takes us out of our regular path.  This is where we need to really  trust and obey.  Gideon is asking for that one sign to definitely show that when he steps up he will have God backing him, and fronting for him.  The request from Gideon is met easily with a fleece being wet while all around is dry. But there is still a need for Gideon to be reassured before taking on his new task.  I refresh in the continuing encouragement and blessings that are brought my way every day and every moment of that day. But I haven't been asked to conquer anyone today. Yet.

Luke puts us right where Peter doesn't want to be.  Afraid.  Afraid to stand out.    Peter denies knowing Jesus three times, the rooster crows. Jesus and Peter lock eyes for that brief moment and Peter realizes what he has done.  Denying a good friend, teacher and Messiah after he had vowed always to proclaim the Lord.  The pressure to deny does not have to be as great as what Peter felt. We can deny Christ by not watching the way we talk, what we watch or our attitude to others.

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