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Today’s reading in Proverb 14:4 states, “Where no oxen are, the manger is clean, but much revenue comes by the strength of the ox.”  I enjoyed having clean barns. They were neat and tidy. The air was significantly easier to breath. The work was notibly less. And there were no animals to break fences, soil the floors or need feeding. 

Of course, my father was not as attracted to clean barns as I was. He, being wiser, understood that clean barns are an indication of a lack of income.  If there are not animals and the ‘evidence’ they leave behind, there is also not revenue.  What Prov. 14:4 communicated to me this morning is that anything worth doing, anything productive,  is messy. 

Your life can be neat and tidy. You can avoid the offensive smells of the world. You can take your ease....but are you being productive in Kingdom work?  People work is not clean. Reaching others for Christ causes you to come into contact with broken lives and hungry people. Working for the Kingdom means long hours, late nights and walking through painful circumstances.  It means facing your own ‘grime’ and allowing Christ’s character to produce fruit in and through you. Work hard producing for the Kingdom and forsake sweet-smelling, easy lives. There are more important things than ‘clean barns’!

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Years ago I planned a surprise party for a good friend of mine.  I arranged for the food, the decorations, and I invited all of our closest friends and family.  As the day approached, I could not wait to celebrate. However, I had forgotten one important thing…I had forgotten to invite the guest of honor! My friend instead had planned to be out of town at the very time I had scheduled the party and I had not even thought to ask him to come (or think of a reason for him to be there). I had prepared everything, but I had forgotten the most important part – to remember the guest of honor.


In God’s providence, many of today’s readings are about remembering God and what He has done for His people. In Judges, God’s people had forgotten the way that He had delivered them out of Egypt.  And their forgetting was even more tragic than that. God continued to rescue them from their enemies through judges.  But once a judge died, the people returned to their corrupt ways and worshipped other gods.  In Luke, we read about Jesus instituting the Lord’s Supper as a way of remembering Him - His life, His death, and His resurrection until He returns. And Psalm 92 exhorts us to proclaim God’s love in the morning and His faithfulness at night. 


We are prone to forget the things that God has done in our lives. We live like I planned that surprise party – remembering to do all the things while forgetting about the one who should be the guest of honor in our lives – Jesus.  When we don’t continually keep before us the good things God has done and the person of Jesus, we forget…and we return to complacency, bitterness and sin. How do we keep God’s goodness in front of us?  How do we remember the things He has done for us? We must remind ourselves. We must gather together with people who will remind us of God’s goodness. And we must DAILY remember who God is and His love and faithfulness to us. 


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