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The event in my life that is most like Aaron’s and his sons’ ordination was my wedding day. Both included a uniform, church decorations, vows memorized, and candles. In front of God and many witnesses, I vowed: “l am committed to you. I will live with you, my bride, and love you for the rest of my life.”

In Aaron and his sons’ service they sacrificed the sin offerings to cleanse the priests and the people. Then the Lord gave the fellowship offering back to Aaron and his sons to provide food for them. But the service was to demonstrate, twice daily, the Lord’s promise to His people, “I brought you up from slavery so that I could live among you.”

In Matthew 26, Jesus is our Priest and sin offering. The disciples were not even sure who would betray Him. Who would do this high treason, this return to slavery, this unforgivable sin? Yet, Jesus knew and forgave! In agony Jesus prayed in the garden. Ah, we can relate to the disciples. He is our sacrifice and we were asleep - like dumb sheep. How could He still live among us?

Lord, how great is Your goodness. Yes, how great. Knowing you, Lord, blesses us abundantly. In both Aaron's ordination and the Cross, He communicates to us the greatest expression of what He vowed to us, His bride, “I will live with you and love you for all time.”


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One aspect of ministry I love is having the privilege of praying with people while they are struggling or facing difficult days.  Some of this ministry happens in hospitals.  And while in the hospital everyone knows that certain gowns are required and they can be...well, at times, a bit revealing.  But once a patient has been poked, prodded, tested, and examined repeatedly, modesty is not nearly as important as it once was.  This transparency and ‘openness’ can be difficult for new ministers.....and I certainly have my ‘hospital wardrobe malfunction’ stories!  

But transparency is a very important quality for those following Christ.  David, in Ps. 31, calls upon the Lord to deliver him.  He expressed his faith in God to be his rock, strength, stronghold, rock, fortress and more.  He believes the Lord will protect him from his enemies who have ‘schemed to take away his life.’  And he ends the psalm with a note of praise!  

But there is one comment in verse 10 (a couple verses beyond today’s reading) that caught my attention.  In the middle of this psalm, David says, “My strength has failed because of my iniquity.”  King David acknowledges his own culpability.  And even though he has transparently confessed his sin, he continues to believe the Lord will protect, love, deliver and walk with him!  Are you transparent with those in your life regarding your own failings and shortcomings?  Do you regularly confess your own unworthiness?  Do you humbly acknowledge that it is only the grace of God that has redeemed you and sustains you?   James 5:16 states, “Confess your sins to one another.”  Transparency.

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