As I read Numbers chapter 4, as the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron about the duties of the tribes as they disassembled the temple. I really noticed how specific the duties are of the tribes. The amount of detail that God gave to Moses of how everything should be packed. God was very specific right down to the age of the people working, the materials that were used and their job that they had to do. God expected the tribes to do as He instructed right down to the small details. In some cases if the instructions were not followed exactly even death could occur.

Do we follow instructions exactly? I think we know the answer to that. He gives us the exact instructions on how to receive salvation and live our life but we constantly fail. Thank goodness Jesus paid the price for our failures and no matter how many times we fail He covers our sin. Pray that we will read His word and follow His instructions. 

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Coronavirus panic, stock-market worries, threats from Iran and North Korea, national elections, pesticides in our food supply, Washington politics, cancer diagnosis, loss of a job...everywhere we turn there are plenty of reasons to feel anxiety and even outright fear in our hearts. We are bombarded every day with grim, worrisome realities in our world.  In the midst of all this we need to remind ourselves where our hope is, where our security lies. 

Today’s reading from Psalm 47 helps give us perspective. First, it reminds us that God is the Lord Most High!  He is the great King over ALL the earth! (v 2) This is no ordinary king; He is an awesome King, and He reigns over the entire world! There is no one above Him. 

Next is a reminder (vs 3-4) to remember all that God did for Israel, His beloved people. He brought them out of slavery in Egypt. He provided for them, led them all the way to the land that He had chosen for them. Remembering what God has done creates a thankful heart; it helps bring perspective on our current concerns and troubles.

The image of God ascending to His throne (vs 5-6) amid shouts of joy and excitement, reminds us to redirect our focus upward to God. “Hey! Let’s not forget who God is! He is King!”  When we set our hearts and focus on God, who is seated on His holy throne (v 8), what does it do? It gives us perspective.  It gives us praise. (vs  6-7)  We can look at world crises around us and even our own personal crises, which seem so distressing, so overwhelming---and we can see them differently.  We don’t have to anxiously wring our hands, saying, “what’s going to happen if this or that person is elected, if there is a coronavirus pandemic, if I lose my job…”  We obviously do not know what is going to happen.  But what we do know with certainty is this---God was, is, and forever will be King. He IS on the throne. If we are His children, we are people of incredible HOPE!

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