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Today’s reading in Proverbs 18:1 states, “He who separates himself seeks his own desire, he quarrels against all sound wisdom.”  I could not help but stop and ponder what this proverb was really saying.  The Lord prompted me to reflect that, when I am tempted to behave badly or involve myself in something a follower of Jesus should not be involved in, my flesh tells me, “Run! Do your own thing! Get away from these people who hold you accountable!”  But then there are also times when I HAVE behaved badly and rebelled against the Lord’s direction, and am ashamed.  It’s at those times the Enemy of my soul comes and shouts, “Leave! Run! They hate you! You are a failure! Get out!”

Our Father has redeemed His children and called them sons and daughters.  He placed you and I in a family that is to love, comfort, correct, build us up....and more! Our spiritual family is to reflect Christ to us and to embrace us, faults and all.  But too often, because of guilt and shame over personal failures, we flee. Not wanting to have to come face to face with our wrongs or the people we have offended, we take the ‘easy route’ and exit.

Do not allow your Enemy to remove you from the very people who can assist you on your path to holiness and Christlikeness. If he can separate you, he can continue to deceive you into believing all sorts of things that are simply not true about who you are and how much your church family loves and cares for you. Let your spiritual family build you up and hold you accountable to keep you from sinning and, when you do, allow them to love you back to wholeness.  That’s God’s plan.  

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32 Now when they heard of the resurrection of the dead, some mocked. But others said, “We will hear you again about this.” 33 So Paul went out from their midst. 34 But some men joined him and believed, among whom also were Dionysius the Areopagite and a woman named Damaris and others with them.

Our courage lies in this: some will believe.  Our part is simply to be faithful and proclaim the gospel.  Has your heart ever been "provoked" within you? Has it been provoked when you watch the news or check up on your friends by phone or social media?  Have you ever thought “why are they chasing that” or “why are they building their lives around that person” and so on?   Paul visited Athens and felt that way.  He just couldn't understand their rampant idol worship. But it's what those feelings motivated Paul to do that’s so interesting and convicting: it pushed him both into the synagogues to reason with the Jews "and devout persons" AND out into the marketplace where Christ was virtually unknown—dark places where the resurrection from the dead was received like a punch-line.  Yet because Paul dared to preach Christ in the Areopagus some in fact were saved.  To be sure, some said politely "we will hear you again" and yet, sadly and even tragically, they were quite wrong. Yet, the consolation for us is this: we serve a sovereign God who does save sinners.  When we are provoked by the idolatry around us and allow that to compel us to talk those who know something about Jesus and as well as those who know nothing about Him, we can rest assured that God will save some and that knowledge should propel us forward into the darkness and dark places around us.  

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