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The significance of Leviticus 14 for us today was not easy for me to grasp—still, I was helped particularly by Dr. Constable’s notes, and also the NET Bible notes (!bible/Leviticus+14:1 ) to understand these verses better. Leviticus 14.57b is a summary: “These are the regulations for infectious skin diseases and mildew.

Quoted by Constable: “If Lev. 13 is bleak, speaking of separation from the holy presence, Lev. 14 is full of hope, for in it the sufferer is restored to the covenant community. The Israelite learned even more about the nature of the holy God through these provisions for restoration to fellowship in the community.”

Another quote from Constable near the end of the chapter: “. . . with the coming of Christ, God himself sought out the ‘lepers’ and healed them. Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost. His outreach to the lepers was on a par with his ministry to other sick people and social outcasts, such as tax-collectors and prostitutes. . . . Jesus’ ministry and that of his disciples (Matt. 10:8) was one which brought reconciliation between God and man. Therefore the old laws isolating men because of their unsightly appearance had become inappropriate and out of date.”

Proverbs 10:11 compares the mouth of the righteous and the wicked; 10:12 links hatred with dissension, and love with harmony.

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The Bible itself tells us that all scripture is given to us by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Quite literally it is God breathed (2Tim 3:16). Because of this the believer can find within the scriptures truth relative not only for today, but for all of eternity. As believers we know that our salvation is secure in the finished work of Christ. We also know that one day we will stand before Christ to give an account of those things which we have done, or did not do, for the Kingdom.


In our New Testament passage for today we read of Jesus teaching in parables (Mark 4:1-25). In verse 9 Jesus tells us, “And he said, "Whoever has ears to hear had better listen!"

This was our Lord’s way of underscoring just how important He felt about what He was communicating to those followers, as well as to us today.


It was right after Jesus had told them that they “had better listen” that the disciples asked Him why He was teaching in parables. In verses 11 & 12 Christ told them “The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those outside, everything is in parables, so that although they look they may look but not see, and although they hear they may hear but not understand, so they may not repent and be forgiven.”


Jesus goes on to explain to the disciples that the seed which fell onto good soil rendered a return of 30, 60, and even a 100 fold.


Here is the point. You have been given the greatest gift which could ever be given, the secret of the kingdom of God. The question will one day be what did you do with it? Whoever has ears to hear had better listen!


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