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I am blessed by our passage from Psalm 104 today which praises the Lord for His magnificent work of creation. It covers creation of the universe and the earth. It talks of the flood, and how the Lord raised the mountains and lowered the valleys and set the edge of the oceans as the flood receded, and promised to never again bring on a world-wide flood. The Lord provides water, fruit, and food for all the animals He made. He also provides food and sustenance for the people He created. He gave us the sun and moon to make life possible on the earth. This passage, along with many others in the Bible assume the book of Genesis is actual history.


When I was in high school 50 years ago, I struggled to understand how to reconcile the Genesis account of creation with what was being taught in school. At that time I didn't come up with a good solution, but I chose to believe the Biblical account. In recent years I have been blessed by the Institute for Creation Research ( They have produced many books, movies, and articles in their free Acts and Facts magazine. These articles are available on their website. It's so rewarding to find that true science supports the Biblical account. We can rejoice with the psalmist in our closing verse for today, "How many living things you have made, O LORD! You have exhibited great skill in making all of them; the earth is full of the living things you have made." (Psalm 104:24 NET) With verse 1 we can truly "Praise the LORD, O my soul!"


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This coming Sunday at Faith Bible Church is the AWANA Closing Program for the ‘17-‘18 School year. It is a time when our church celebrates and recognizes the accomplishments of the children who have successfully completed their books and memorized the verses assuming genes them.  It is a wonderful time to acknowledge those disciplines that are vital in the life of a Believer.  But, unfortunately, as adults we often neglect those disciplines as we age.  Scripture memory is one of those neglected disciplines we need to reengage as adults. 

Psalm 103 is a wonderful psalm of David to commit to memory. A short twenty-two verses long, this psalm would take 3 weeks if one memorized one verse a day...and much of it will already be familiar.  This passage starts and ends with a call to bless the Lord. It speaks of the gracious character of God. His loving care for His people is front and center. The text points to God’s removal of our sins and refusal to treat us according to our iniquity.  It shares the fact that He knows we are dust...frail as a flower of the field....the grass that is here today and gone tomorrow. 

Scripture commands us to ‘study to show ourselves delight in the law of the Lord and meditate on it day and treasure His Word in our heart’ and more. If the adult ministry at Faith had a Program in which we awarded trophies for Scripture memory, would you be called to the stage?! Start today to memorize this great psalm!

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