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Today's reading reminds me again of the many times the Jews rejected God's protection and guidance and revert (again) to idol worship, murder and breaking other of the Ten Commandments.  I always say to myself (like I haven't seen the end of the movie) "they are going to stop that at some point, right."  


But I know that there are ways I can serve better, learn more and share Christ more in my daily life that I put aside or put off.   


Interestingly, Jeremiah is told by God to warn the people of the coming discipline but don't expect any one to heed the warning.  A whole town and no one is persuaded.  But he still must because God said to.  We should know that when we speak about Jesus there could be a whole city not listening, but we have been told to share the Good News.



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Christ is the head of the church because He is the only one who was perfect and spotless, who could be the sacrifice for the sins of the world. God reconciled everything to Himself through the sacrifice of Jesus because He loved us so much! We were enemies of God because of our rebellion against Him! But through Christ, we are now holy and blameless in God’s sight, if we are in Christ! Praise the Lord for this wonderful gift! We Christians should also be “knit together with strong ties of love” if we are in Christ, regardless of external differences. We are made right with God through our simple, child-like faith in Christ for salvation. Let’s not be fooled by any intellectual-sounding arguments that draw us away from salvation in Christ alone!


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