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Mark 5:21-43

As I read this short passage, I see two different events. In the first, a person seeks help without Jesus being aware.  In the second, Jarius seeks help quite publicly for a loved one but upon arriving home finds his daughter has died. 

In both instances the person seeking help has faith that Jesus can help them. They BELIEVE. Read the passage and collect what you think about it.  In the first, the woman is healed amidst a large crowd.  In the second, Jesus cleared the area of all but a few people prior to healing. 

My ‘take away’ today is that with faith in our God, we will have been provided the way for us to get help in our lives and the lives of those that we care about. When we put our trust in the One that is the Author of our story and let Him lead us through the issues that we have in our lives, we become stronger as Christians and have a better witness to those around us. 

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Mark 4:22 - English Standard Version (ESV)  22 For nothing is hidden except to be made manifest; nor is anything secret except to come to light.

My mom would tell you I was very impatient as a child.  I remember her telling me over and over again that when I rush to acquire something, it never works out.  It only took a few decades for me to truly understand the wisdom in her words.  Waiting is not something you do just to get what you desire, as if it was pointless.  Neither is it simply about the passing of time.  There is purpose at work in waiting, and when you rush the process you get something that you are not ready for or something that is not ready for you. In between hidden and being seen is the reality of waiting.  No one wants to wait, but we all at times need to.

Being hidden is an important part of something being manifested. God hides things for a reason.  As a seed lies in the ground, in the dark, buried and surrounded by dirt…it’s growing! Those looking above ground feel like they are waiting for something to happen, but if you could see underground you would see something is already happening… the seed is growing.  The seed needs that time of being hidden, otherwise it shoots up too soon, and it won’t survive.  There is something transformative about being hidden and sitting in the dark.  As you wait for something to be seen, be grateful for what is happening in the unseen.  

There is “nothing hidden except to be made manifest; nor is anything secret except to come to light.”  Being hidden and how you handle the dark times in life is key to what is seen in the light.  God keeps secrets, but it’s not forever… it’s just until it’s time to be revealed!  The more I understand this, the more I am grateful for the seasons in my life where I see no fruit and see no light, because now I KNOW something is happening even if I don’t feel or see it!



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