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Going through my mail yesterday, I noticed that we’ve arrived at that time of year. Yep… the ads for exercise equipment and gym memberships have started again, just in time for our New Year’s resolutions.


It’s interesting to see how our culture uses a prompt like New Year’s day to strengthen our resolve to exercise more and eat healthier. These resolutions are great — if we follow through on them. 


In today’s Old Testament reading, Zechariah the prophet relays a similar message from God about Israel’s spiritual state. God was calling them to a spiritual resolution — a resolution to return to Him and not be like their forefathers (1:4). God reminds the nation that their forefathers ignored His calling to their own destruction and exile to Babylon (1:5). Their forefathers repented, but the damage was already done.


I love how the passage continues! The people seem to have taken the message to heart, because the responses from God echo the responses in the Beatitudes (Matt. 5:1-12) — God showing comfort (1:13), showing mercy / compassion (1:16), showing Himself (1:16-17) — to those who have humbled themselves in repentance.


Have you found yourself today in a place of spiritual “flabbiness”? Do you long to be spiritually healthy and at peace with God? Today is a great day to make a spiritual resolution — to return to a gracious God who loves you with an everlasting love!



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This text speaks to the future, a time of tribulation for those who are not saved. This gives me yet another reason for giving thanks every day for being saved by accepting the free gift of God’s grace.  This reminds me to give thanks each and every day for being a child of God.  It also tells me to be ever mindful to bring as many people to the love and understanding of God’s grace and salvation.  We many not all be Billy Grahams and harvest thousands of souls at a time, but we can always be planting seeds and pointing others towards God.



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