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As we spend time in this season of Advent, it is my prayer that our hearts would be awakened to the things that God is doing in our lives. We often view Lent as a season to repent, but I have found that in the season of waiting that is Advent, God begins to plow ground in my life that has been hard and unyielding, in need of repentance and rebuilding. In today’s reading in Amos 7-9, we find the Sovereign God (a name that is used too many times to count in the passage) communicating with His people about the judgment that will come to them because of their unrighteousness. In the midst of the passage, God is merciful, relenting, and gracious to His people even as they continue to turn away. Yet, the sovereign God is just and declares there will be judgment for His people for the ways they have worshipped other gods before the one true God. 

Even in the midst of His proclamation of judgment, there is the promise of God’s repair and rebuilding. It’s a promise that comes with finality – that one day, Israel will not be uprooted and will be firmly established as a place of peace and light.

As God’s people we can take notice of the way God deals with the Israelites. This advent season, there may be areas in your life that God is calling you to repentance. He is longing for us as His people to turn back to Him, to worship Him only, and to treat others with the love and forgiveness that has been given to us by Christ. Are there areas in your life where you are feeling God’s discipline and fighting against it?  Are there areas in your life that need to be uprooted?  He always calls us into discipline in order to rebuild and repair us. You may feel that you don’t have the strength to endure the punishment that He has for you but God’s strength will even be the way in which you can withstand the discipline. Do you want to be repaired?  Are there broken areas of your life that need rebuilding?  First, submit yourself to the discipline of God and experience this advent a Sovereign God that loves you and wants to see you made whole.

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In Hosea 10, we see the retribution of Israel's sin. In verse 1, it starts off by saying Israel is a luxuriant vine. He produces fruit only for himself; the more his fruit the more altars he built.  Simply stating the people of Israel are charged with gross corruptions in the worship of God and are threatened with the destruction of their images and altars ( V1,2,5,6 and 8).  As Hosea goes on in the next few verses, they are being charged with all kinds of things; sins of their fathers and judgments. They are earnestly invited to repent and reform and are threatened with ruin if they do not (v12-15).

In Psalms, we see God’s blessing on his people as their one great necessity and privilege is spoken of here. We are taught that builders of houses and city systems, fortunes, empires and churches all labor in vain without the Lord, but under divine favor, they enjoy perfect rest.

In Jude, we see this epistle is addressed to all believers in the gospel. Its design appears to be to guard believers against the false teachers who had begun to creep into the Christian church, They tried to scatter dangerous tenets by attempting to lower all Christianity into a merely nominal belief and outward profession of the gospel. Having thus denied the obligations of personal holiness, they taught their disciples to live in sinful courses, at the same time flattering them with the hope of eternal life. The vile character of these seducers is shown, and their sentence is denounced and the epistle concludes with warnings, admonitions, and counsels to believers.


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