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His Great Mercies

This morning you woke as usual. All through the night, without a thought from you, your heart continued beating, your lungs never failed taking in oxygen and the earth continued faithfully spinning on its axis. Most likely, you dressed and began your day without even a slight consideration as to how you had been protected from a vast variety of disasters.  There was breakfast enough, a protective roof, electricity delivered and so much more.  God has been good to us....yet we often fail to acknowledge His goodness or even be sensitive to all the blessings He brings our way.

King David knew the goodness and mercy of God. After numbering the people, something he was told NOT to do. God gives him three options of punishment from which to choose.  It was the divine equivalent of "Go choose your switch from that tree" that my parents used on me. Because David knew his Heavenly Father well, he responded, "I am in great distress; please let me fall into the hand of the Lord, for His mercies are very great..." (1 Chron. 21:13)

Because we assume the Lord's blessings and take for granted His mercies, we fail to know Him as David did.  Many of our responses would veer from David's in one of the following ways....we might respond, "I am in great distress; please let me fall into the hand of-" (a) my bank account or (b) my significant other or (c) my talents or (d) my ministry or (e) etc,  Oh, that we would recognize God's blessings and grace in our lives and know Him well enough to fall into His hand of mercy...even when being disciplined!  

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1 Chron. 15:1 – 16:36, Romans 1:18-32, Ps. 10:1-15, Prov. 19:6-7

 As a seasoned reader, I enjoyed the normal yet special reminders about life watching the sitcom Leave it to Beaver. I knew, like they were my friends, the wise father Ward, the caring mother June (who vacuumed in a dress and pearls) and big brother Wally and his reprobate friend Eddie. Then of course the youngest, the innocent, the most inquisitive son was the Beaver.

I daydream and wonder if the Beaver would ask his parents, “Are there normal people in the Bible?” After all, today’s Bible reading has King David bringing the Ark to Jerusalem and all that hoopla.

Ward and June look at each other and think, good question. But Ward considers and responds, “Beav, Obed-edom was a normal man but God made him special.” “Dad, why should I be interested in Obed-edom?”  “Remember, earlier in 1 Chronicles, the Ark is left in Obed–edom’s back yard?”  The Beav remembers. “Yeah, Dad it was like they left Obed-edom saying, ‘sorry about the Ark and leaving it in your yard. Hope you don’t get ‘smoted!’ ” 

Mom replies, “Well, maybe. Obed-edom was normal and had two choices…”   Beav interrupts, “Move or sell tickets, right?”  “Not exactly, Beav,” Mom tries to regain her composure. “He could be thankful in responding to God like Romans 1.” “But if he sold tickets it could turn into Psalms 10:1-15.” The Beaver perked up, “both those people thought God does not see them so they can choose to do all the bad stuff they want.”  “Yes.” Finally mom digs for the light bulb moment in her dear son. “What made him special, Beav?” “What choice did Obed-edom make and what was his result?”

After reading today’s reading again, Beaver found several cool choices Obed-edom had in his life that brought him closer to God. God made him special. Even Proverbs 19:6-7 gets meaning with Obed-edom: with Gatekeeping you are not too rich and not too poor. It was ok to be normal. Normal people can be “thankful and close to God, and normal, yet special.”

I pray today, “Lord, help our normal choices bring us closer to You.”

But leave it to Beaver to tell his parents, “I want to meet Obed-edom and see his family T-shirt.” Ward and June have got to know, “What’s on Obed-edom’s family T-shirt?” I think it went like this:

Cool Choices Close to God.

Obed-edom and Sons – Gatekeepers for the King

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