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Hosea 6-9 and 3 John

The prophet Hosea urged his fellow countrymen (Israel and Judah) to return to the Lord (Hos 6:1) and to know the Lord (Hos. 6:3) because Israel and Judah had abandoned the Lord.  Their love for Him had vanished like a morning cloud and like the dew.  How quickly they rebelled.  The Lord however, tells them “I want you to know God – that’s more important than burnt offerings.”

When the people of Israel rebelled and went after other gods, the Lord had to send them prophets to “cut them to pieces” (discipline them). But in His mercy, He ultimately restored them when they turned their hearts back to Him.  Why?  Because God wanted a true and close relationship with them - - as He does with us today.  He’s not interested in our “sacrifices” (legalistic attempts to correct ourselves) but wants us to know Him (Hos 6:6) and to be broken hearted over our sin (Psalm 51:16-17).  When we look to any other “god” be it money, entertainment, someone else or even ourselves, we make it an idol and bring about our own destruction (Hos 8:4).

It’s time to stop the insanity (pursuing false gods, bringing meaningless sacrifices and failing to listen and obey the only true God). Rather, it’s time to walk in the truth.  The Apostle John’s dear friend, Gaius, had learned to walk in faithfulness and truth – and this gave John “no greater joy” (3 John 3-4).  May we do the same!  

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In 1st John 5:13 John writes:  “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life”.

Some churches teach that we can’t really know if we have eternal life. Even if you do right now, what if you commit a terrible sin in the next few minutes and then you die? Some churches teach that you can’t really be sure — but that’s not what John teaches. John is writing so that we can know that we have eternal life. He’s reassuring the church in Ephesus that they were right to believe in Christ. He wants them to continue to trust him despite the disturbance that had disrupted the church there.

We’re not facing the exact same situation, but it’s good for us to recalibrate even through we’re not in the middle of a crisis. Sometimes we wonder whether it’s all worth it. Every message we get in this world is to live for ourselves. It takes a lot of effort to keep showing up, to keep denying ourselves, to keep loving. John says that it is. We can know that we have eternal life right now. Doubt comes from many sources, but our assurance comes from one place: from the cross of Jesus Christ and its effects on our lives.

Robert Murray M’Cheyne got it right years ago:  “Learn much of the Lord Jesus. For every look at yourself, take ten looks at Christ. He is altogether lovely. Such infinite majesty, and yet such meekness and grace, and all for sinners, even the chief!  Live much in the smiles of God. Bask in His beams. Feel His all-seeing eye settled on you in love, and repose in His almighty arms…  Let your soul be filled with a heart-ravishing sense of the sweetness and excellency of Christ and all that is in Him.”

Let the Holy Spirit fill every chamber of your heart; and so there will be no room for folly, or the world, or Satan, or the flesh.

Look to Jesus, and you will have all the assurance and power you need in your life. The more you think about him, the more you’ll see your life change.

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