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When you have an assignment from God--and we all do (cp. Mt 28)--the necessary thing is to press through the difficulties and hardships and continue to walk with the Lord.  Overtime as you do this you will find that the Lord Himself will straighten your path and strengthen and empower your leadership, ministry, and service.  This is what we see in the life of Moses as he walks through an incredible time of rebellion in Israel's early history with the Lord (Ex. 32), on to a mountaintop experience where he sees God's glory, and--after sometime with Him upon the mountaintop--returns, unbeknownst to him, with his face shining.  Moses trusts God through the rebellion and the Lord himself strengthens and validates Moses' ministry and leadership among the people with a shining face.  Moses focus, however, through it all is precisely what ours should be: not so much on his own face and its shining but on God's face and His glory.  For Moses, the most important thing is not his own glory but rather talking with God and communing with Him. 


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God says “go”. Jacob says yes but beneath remains self-reliance and deceit.  Asking simple questions of this text such as “why trick and flee from your father in law” and “was this deceit necessary”—leads one to at least conclude that this is incredibly true to life and is no fabrication.  Moses paints neither himself later, nor Jacob here, as a perfect man.  The facts are simply presented as-is.  And in those raw and gritty facts a picture emerges of a man with a definite calling and working knowledge of God’s power—who nonetheless is also curiously full of self-reliance and deception.  In God’s mercy, help, even correction, is soon to come. Yet, for me, a question also emerges  alongside this portrait, namely, what can I and what can we learn from this mirror as we hold it up to our own lives? God says “go” and at times, many times, we say “yes”—but do we also add to our “yes” self-reliance and cleverness, even deceit?  I challenge you to pray this today: Father please show me what self-reliance remains in my life so that I may more fully and completely say “yes” to You .


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