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Our perspective is too often clouded and our wisdom is too often worldly.  In today’s OT reading, Joshua sends spies into the Primised Land to spy it out. It’s a familiar story. These spies enter the land, travel to Jericho and came to ‘rest’ at Rahab’s place. They make a deal with Rahab to save her and her entire family if she will heed their words...she agrees. Was there no one ‘more worthy’ that they could have saved?! Of all the people in Jericho, could they have not found a priest or politician who was educated, moral and an upright citizen?!

Our Lord is sovereign and chooses whom He chooses. His economy does not look like our worldly, human economy.  In today’s NT reading in Luke, Jesus Himself responds to someone who asked Him, “Lord, are there just a few who are being saved?”  In His response Jesus ended with, “Some who are last will be first and some are first who will be last.” In other words, you perceive those at the ‘front of the line’ most worthy to find entrance to My Kingdom. Yet, beware of judging by looks, place in line or ‘worthiness.’  

Jesus, the Bible tells us, is a friend of tax gatherers and sinners.  In fact, He told a group of religious leaders, who were pretty secure in their rank in God’s pecking order, “Truly I say to you that the tax collectors and prostitutes will get into the kingdom of God before you.”  We must pray to have eyes that are atuned to God’s economy in order to be able to view others, and ourselves, as our Heavenly Father does.  Those who do not have any sense of their unworthiness, their sin and their need are far from the Kingsim. Those who recognize their need, their sin and their failures are close to the kingdom. 

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I’m sitting in a public place listening to a group of men talk about the Bible and about Who God is...and they are clearly confused. I can assess their confusion by their comments related to Who God is and how they can/should relate to him. When I conclude this blog I’m going to join them because they’re my friends....and need help.  I REJOICE IN WHAT A PRIVILEGE IT IS TO KNOW GOD AND KNOW HIS WORD!

Jesus gives us a reason for rejoicing in today’s reading.  The one time we find Jesus ‘rejoicing greatly’ is when His disciples return having had much success in ministry. He warned them not to rejoice that they had authority over the spiritual world but rather rejoice that their names were ‘recorded in heaven.’  We, like Jesus’ followers, often rejoice about things that do not matter or which are wrong-headed. 

All of humanity experiences God’s common grace. He makes it to rain on the Just and the unjust. He gave us all life and allows us to live under the same sun. We all have some experience of family. But not all of humanity knows God.  Not all of humanity receives the forgiveness brought to us by Jesus’ shed blood. Not all of humanity is guaranteed a place with God in glory. 

Why should you rejoice today? Two reasons: (#1) you are God’s child - He knows your name, & (#2) you have the privilege of introducing others to your Father!  He not only saved you from your sin but made you His ambassador. You carry the same message Jesus’ disciples carried. REJOICE!

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