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Here is a quote from a young Purdue football fan that recently died from cancer. ‘Though I am in hospice care and have to wake up every morning knowing that the day might be my last, I still have a choice to make, to make that day the best it can be. Yet, isn’t that a choice we all have every day? After all, nobody knows the amount of days we have left. Some could say we are all in hospice to a certain degree. So why don’t we act like it? Where is your gratitude? With Christmas coming up, what are you thankful for? I had to write my will recently, and I’m just thankful I can give my family Christmas presents, maybe even for one last time. Let’s not forget that my doctors gave me three months to live almost two-and-a-half months ago. So why can’t we live grateful lives? Why can’t we make every day count like it’s the last?’ 

I don’t know whether or not Tyler Trent was a Christian, but there is much wisdom in his words. They echo what we find in scripture, that we don’t know the number of days we will be here on earth. The book of James says, “You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” We should be thankful for the days that we have on earth and that we are privileged to be children of the Lord. When we put our head on the pillow tonight, we don’t know if we’ll wake up in the morning or not, but we can rest secure in the fact that we are in God’s hands.

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I know there has always been opposition/disdain for God and the idea of there being a God. We only to have to look in the pages of the Bible to see that. From today’s reading in Psalm 57, we see that David was pursued by his enemies, men who only had evil thoughts of ending his life because of his trust in God. These men are described as lions and ravenous beasts, men with teeth of spears and arrows. In my lifetime I’ve seen the increasing scorn and disdain for those who call themselves a Christian. Art, education, business – all walks of life have increasingly squeezed out God because of their hatred for Him. As a result we too suffer the effects of these actions. It shouldn’t surprise us in the least. We, just as David, should take refuge “under the shadow of His wings.” God will keep and protect us through these times!

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