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Hosea 6-9 and 3 John

The prophet Hosea urged his fellow countrymen (Israel and Judah) to return to the Lord (Hos 6:1) and to know the Lord (Hos. 6:3) because Israel and Judah had abandoned the Lord.  Their love for Him had vanished like a morning cloud and like the dew.  How quickly they rebelled.  The Lord however, tells them “I want you to know God – that’s more important than burnt offerings.”

When the people of Israel rebelled and went after other gods, the Lord had to send them prophets to “cut them to pieces” (discipline them). But in His mercy, He ultimately restored them when they turned their hearts back to Him.  Why?  Because God wanted a true and close relationship with them - - as He does with us today.  He’s not interested in our “sacrifices” (legalistic attempts to correct ourselves) but wants us to know Him (Hos 6:6) and to be broken hearted over our sin (Psalm 51:16-17).  When we look to any other “god” be it money, entertainment, someone else or even ourselves, we make it an idol and bring about our own destruction (Hos 8:4).

It’s time to stop the insanity (pursuing false gods, bringing meaningless sacrifices and failing to listen and obey the only true God). Rather, it’s time to walk in the truth.  The Apostle John’s dear friend, Gaius, had learned to walk in faithfulness and truth – and this gave John “no greater joy” (3 John 3-4).  May we do the same!  

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When the Lord (or his angel) brought Ezekiel into the priests’ holy chambers (Ezekiel 46:19) and showed him the place where the priests boiled the guilt and sin offerings and baked the grain offerings, the Lord told Ezekiel that the reason these offerings were prepared in these chambers was so that the priests would not bring these offerings into the outer court and thereby “transmit holiness to the people” (Ezekiel 46:20). Why would it be wrong for the people to have holiness transmitted to them?  After all, The Mosaic Law instructed the people “You shall be holy for I am holy.” (Lev 11:44-45, 19:2, 20:7)

There is a correct time and place for everything the Lord instructs. Under the Law, the priests were not to transmit the holiness surrounding the sacrifice to those who were not priests.  Thus, the people would understand that God had specifically designated the priests to be their intercessors and spiritual leaders when it came to dealing with sin.

Enter Jesus and His sufficient grace! The writer of the book of Hebrews tells us that unlike the priests who died, Jesus continues forever and holds His priesthood permanently; and that He does not need to offer daily sacrifices for the sins of the people, because this He did once for all when He offered up Himself (Heb 7:23-27).  What’s more, the Apostle Peter tells us that we are God’s holy priests who offer the spiritual sacrifices that please God because of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 2:5).

Let us praise the Lord for what He has done for us! He is our great High Priest and we are part of the Royal Priesthood!  We are victorious over sin because He took away our sin!  He alone gives us eternal life because He is our life!

Thank You Lord Jesus!


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