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The passages from Proverbs, Psalm & Matthew all ring true to the Lord's promises to defend those who suffer in times of trouble. Those who trust Him and lean on Him will be healed. I love it when passages from different times and places meld together to provide a bigger picture of His faithfulness to those who look to Him. 

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Well today I'm captured by Ps 139, as I am every time I go there. Such beautiful words and praise from David that recounts his faith and adoration in God. David's words are a perfect description of the all-seeing, all-powerful God and how He is so precious to David. And then at verse 19, old David let's his mind slip back as he goes on a rant about how he hates his enemies. Then at verse 23, he goes "oops" and asks God to search him, as if God didn't know him already. That just cracks me up because it reminds me of me. I love David! He so reflects the humaness in us all. 


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