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When Solomon's Temple is complete and he has assembled the priests and musicians, something incredible happens.  The Temple fills with a cloud. This cloud was so glorious that the priests could not stand to minister.  I would have loved to have had the privilege to witness this! What must it have looked like...sounded like...smelled like...felt like?!  

Two things strike me, however, as I have that thought.  First of all, my amazement at the cloud is 'over-shadowed' by my amazement at the statement of the priests and musicians as they prepared to bring the Ark of the Covenant into the Temple.  They sang, "He indeed is good for His loving kindness is everlasting."  Their song contains no mention of the gloriousness of the Temple, the faithfulness of Solomon to obey, the kingship of David, the artisans' tremendous skill, etc.  They are humbled by God's goodness in His demonstrating His everlasting love in their direction!

The second thought I have is that, as phenomenal as that cloud must have been and as awesome as the sight was to the people, that same God lives in me! A very similar filling takes place as the Holy Spirit of God indwells a life. When children at Faith's VBS recently trusted Christ, He descended. When those on our CPR Cards come to Jesus in repentance, He descends. When we lead a family member to Christ  and they receive Him as Saviour, He descends. My prayer is that these realities would cause me to be so overwhelmed today that I cannot minister but must be seated at His descent!

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Whenever walking through a forest or across a meadow, it was easy to detect the presence of a dead animal especially if it was summertime.  The stench would almost feel as if it was burning your nose!  That smell is so unique, so connected to death.  Those animals who had died were still having an impact on their surroundings. And they were stinkin' offensive.  

As sinners, we are stinkin' offensive!  Romans 6 states that 'the wages of sin is death,' that 'death spread to all men,' that 'sin reigned in death.' Take a pencil and note all the references to death you can find in this chapter...there is much death and dying in Romans 6. 

Scripture states that when we are born again, God changes us.  He changes us from dead, lost, His enemy and offensive, to alive, found, His child and charges us to bless.  Ephesians 5:2, "Walk in love, just as Christ also loved you and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant offering."  We should smell like Jesus...alive from the dead. do you smell?!

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