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There are two verses tucked into today’s Old Testament reading in Ezekiel that, while spoken years ago to Israel, could equally be spoken to much of the American church today. The passage is terrifying, violent and vengeful because of God’s anger at the nation’s idolatry and trust in the strength of other nations. “Moreover, you played the harlot with the Assyrians because you were not satisfied; you played the harlot with them and still were not satisfied. You also multiplied your harlotry with the land of merchants, Caldea, yet even with this you were not satisfied.” (Ezekiel 16:28-29)

Much of today’s church seems to be seeking satisfaction, strength and security from egg-shaped offices. And, while certainly the church is commanded to pray for and respect the leaders the Lord has placed in politically powerful seats, her struggle is not against flesh and blood and neither does her strength and protection come from flesh and blood. Israel forgot WHOSE she was and, as a consequence, began trusting in the strength and protection of her political alliances.

Trusting in the protection of military might or political power is foolishness. The psalmist wrote, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will boast in the name of the Lord, OUR God!” (Ps. 20:6) Jesus said that satisfaction comes from a relationship with Him and that He will provide ‘springs of living water springing up to eternal life’ in the one who seeks Him. Photo ops in egg-shaped offices are fine but trusting in that office to provide and protect is egg-headed! 

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