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Proverbs 15:11 – “Sheol and Abaddon lie open before the Lord, How much more the hearts of men!” NASB

This passage speaks to God’s awesome knowledge and power.  There is nothing held back from the Lord--nothing He doesn’t have access to. I like how the New Living Translation says, “Even Death and Destruction hold no secrets from the Lord.”

The fact is that the Lord is the Judge of the living and the dead – 2 Timothy 4:1. Additionally, He doesn’t just see our actions. He sees the motives behind our actions. He knows our hearts. As a youth pastor, I tell my students all the time that one of the greatest attributes of a disciple of Jesus is that they are others-centered. Not only should we serve others, but we should serve others with unselfish motives.  

As we make disciples together this week, let’s ask the Lord as David did in Psalm 139, to search our hearts and lead us in the everlasting way!

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