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1 Chronicles

Many individuals and tribes, genealogies detailed in 1 Chronicles, composed of many stories of successes and failures, written down for a very important purpose:  returning exiles from Babylon would now have spiritual and ancestral history, proof that they were descendants of Abraham, as well as facts that might be inspirational to their potential long-awaited obedience of the almighty God.  Not to mention the culminating effect that God orchestrated for King David to be anointed and successful - militarily and otherwise.  ("Then the Spirit came upon Amasai, the leader of the Thirty and he said, We are yours, David!  We are on your side, son of Jesse, Peace and prosperity be with you, and success to all who help you, for your God is the one who helps you.  So David let them join him, and he made them officers over his troops.", 1Ch 12:18)  What a beautiful book, THE book of instruction, The one and only Bible, every single jot and tittle having absolute truth, inspiration, Spirit-powered and profound, interwoven meaning!!!

Acts 28:1-31

A good demonstration that God, through the Apostle Paul, when seed-planting, converted only some, "For he chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world that we may be holy and unblemished in his sight in love." (Eph 1:4)

Psalm 9:1-12

"I will thank the Lord with all my heart!  I will tell about all your amazing deeds!....Tell the nations what he has done!...."

Can this be done part time:  once a week, once a month or once a year at Easter or Christmas?  I don't think so!!

Proverbs 19:1-3

Be still and know that I am God!...(PSA 46:10)

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