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We should never underestimate what the Holy Spirt can do and wants to do through us.  When I read Exodus and picture in my mind the exquisite designs of Bezzalel the master craftsman, I am also simultaneously reminded of what the Spirit's presence in our lives must mean for us now who are not only filled by the Spirit but indwelled by the Spirit!  John the Baptist was filled with the Spirit from birth and was, as Jesus said, the "greatest man ever born of woman".  Yet Jesus, says something to us if we have ears to hear it "…the least in the kingdom is greater than John"!  To be in God's kingdom, and to have His Spirit living within us, is likely at least one of many ways that it is true that every believer is greater than the greatest man who ever lived—who walked in the "spirit and power of Elijah".  God wants to empower us for tasks great and small, monumental and mundane through the Spirit who now permanently resides within us.  Will you seek today to be filled with the Spirit (Eph 5:19)?


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