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It is not easy to read the treatment of Jesus in Matthew 27:15-31 without great emotions.  The passage also highlights an essential fact about Jesus from the lips of Pilate’s wife when she calls Jesus an “innocent man”: that Jesus was perfectly sinless.  Pilate himself exclaims “What crime has he done?”  We can further ask, "what sin has Jesus ever done?".  He had 33 years to commit even one sin, but never did.  He was tempted daily as we are, but never gave in to it and sinned. 

What does that mean for you and me today?  I feel I can relate more personally to Jesus knowing that as a human being His flesh felt the same feelings that my flesh feels.  Pray this short prayer with me: “Lord Jesus, when I feel the struggles of my flesh, I am comforted to know You understand.  You experienced everything I am experiencing.  Help me to overcome the temptations I feel, and that You felt.  Amen.”

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