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Jesus is Crucified

Jesus is Crucified.

By: Ruben Contreras
As I pondered depicting the crucifixion as a work of art, my thoughts kept being drawn to the actual crucifixion day and my role in Christ’s death. I kept asking myself… “Was I there?” or “Was I not there?” At first, I decided “No, I was not there.” But after thinking about it, I remembered that he gave his life for me. So even though I was not physically there, my sin was there so I was there, too.

What would it have been like for me to be there? What would I have thought? How would I have reacted to this scene with so much pain and brutal punishment? What would I have done had I been there?

Christ’s death is the ultimate act of love. The crucifixion itself was so painful and full of suffering. But, Christ chose love for all of us and through his sacrifice we experience the forgiveness of sins and life with Him.

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