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In Psalm 81, it begins with praise to God, (V 1-5a) and then ends with preaching by God (V5b-16). Providing a sermon by God’s heart. In the middle verses, we see examples of how they worshiped. The Bible also shows the different celebrations that took place at the time (81:3). 81:5b-16 are the verses that are a sermon by God. Then in 81:6 & 7, God responds to the cries of His people. He (in verse 6) is reminding Israel of there slavery in Egypt. Go down to verses 8 and 9 and He warns them of danger. You shall not bow down to any foreign god (from Ex. 20).  God then tells them of the abundance that He has promised them.  Then in verses 11-15, God lets us suffer the consequences. In 81:13, God’s compassion for Israel is clearly seen.

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