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Just a few weeks from now, we’ll be celebrating Holy Week and the redemptive work that Jesus accomplished through His death, burial, and resurrection.

As I read Mark 11 today, verses 8-11 stood out to me. As Jesus entered Jerusalem, some people spread out their coats and others spread out palm branches while shouting “Hosanna!” The word hosanna means save us. The Jewish people were looking for a messiah to deliver them from Rome’s cruel oppression. Even the palm branches they laid out in front of Jesus were a symbol of the last time the Jews were free. If Jesus would set them free from Rome, then all things, in their minds, would be made new.

The only problem was, while Jesus did come to set them free and make things new, it was sin that He intended to conquer and their hearts that He would make new. The fact is that Jesus’ followers set their sights too low for Jesus and didn’t expect enough!

Jesus didn’t come to set them free from the current political power or bring prosperity to their nation. He planned to make all things new, beginning with their hearts! Sometimes I think I’m guilty of expecting too little from Jesus as well. How about you?

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