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Google has figured out that I like to read the news. I don’t even have to search for the news or go to a website, it’s just there. Sometimes the information is helpful – like the forecast and traffic.  But so often the news is disturbing because there is so much bad news: murder, suicide, trafficking, disease, war, hijacking…all in my news feed today. To be fair, this isn’t all that was in my feed, but it doesn’t take much bad news to remind us of the reality of the world’s fallen state.


Today’s reading in Psalm 37 should serve as a good reminder that our security is not in this world or the things of this world. All throughout this psalm are encouraging words that remind of the truth of God’s sovereignty and ability to care for us. God tells us to not fret, but to trust, dwell, delight, commit, and rest even in the midst of the bad news, promising that the wicked will wither like the grass in a Texas August.


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