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There are certain repeated concepts and phrases that one comes across while reading through the text of Scripture. One that we have seen repeatedly while reading recently is the phrase, “Then you will know that I am the Lord.”  Our God is very interested in His people acknowledging His sovereignty and understanding that He alone is God and there is no other...but we are an idolatrous people. We worship many things that are so far inferior to our God that they are not worthy of mention. 

This particular phrase was found once again today in Hosea (2:20).  There is coming a day when the Lord is going to act and His action will leave the nation of Israel no other option than to acknowledge that He alone is God.  Israel was spiritually adulterous...they were involved in idolatry.  They worship the gods of gold and silver. The Lord even said of them that the nation “follows her lovers so that she forgets Me.” (2:13)  How could she forget her delivering, providing, protecting God?!

A better question is, “How have WE forgotten our delivering, providing, protecting God?!”  We have hearts similar to the people of Israel. We worship things that are unworthy of our worship and infinitely inferior to our Lord God. We worship gold and silver, people and machines, positions and power.  Are you spiritually adulterous? Are you worshipping things other than the One true God? He raised Jesus from the dead and that is enough to demonstrate for us that He alone is God!


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