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Some of you may know I am Life Coaching along with my wife and some friends. We are guided by a simple word: COACH.


Our heart’s desire is to ask people like you powerful questions that engage your life to make the improvements you desire. You decide your goal, we ask about your goal, and the Holy Spirit and you find new answers! Let’s get a hot drink and get started with your coaching session in a blog…

Desired Outcomes

In what area do you want to move forward today? What is your vision for your life? Life Vision is a big, sometimes overwhelming, desire. What specific vision areas are in the Word for you today?


How does Leviticus 24:1- 25:46 relate to you in the area of debt? Picture yourself out of debt.  How would you live? How would you show thankfulness? What does an offering look like for  you?  How do you demonstrate being the servant-leader of Mark 10: 32-52? What would others say about your leadership style?

Assume Psalm 45 demonstrates the Lord Jesus as the King and the Church as His bride. What blessing do you identify with? What is your vision for victory? How does the Lord see you?  What is your vision for you proclaiming His greatness in the coming years to the nations?  Anything else?


Pick 2-3 applications that you can do to move forward. Pick specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time limited actions.  These are my action steps ...

- Debt happens… so plan out a path, work on the budget this week.

- Be thankful to - (I named a person) today.

- Relate to people and honor Christ… talk to one person on my CPR card soon.

- He is working in me and as His child I am victorious. Rest more about my future career.

- Share Jesus with my family. Share the personal relationship I have with Him. Pray for the continuation of a family spiritual legacy.  Specifically read more bible stories and pray with my grandkids this week.



What is your Highlight for today? 

Today’s reading can be summed up with Proverbs 10: 22 “The blessing from the Lord makes a person rich, and He adds no sorrow to it.” Today, His Word is rich in so many ways! Need help with a life vision? Use an accountability friend or Life Coach to ask you some powerful questions.


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