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It fascinates me how often our One Year Bible reading deals with similar topics. Today’s reading in Proverbs (17:5) reads, “He who mocks the poor taunts his Maker....”  The New Testament reading deals with Saul’s conversion as the Lord met him on the road to Damascus. Part of the Lord’s confrontation of Saul in Acts (9:4) contains these words, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?”  Yet, in verse 13 Ananias says, “I have much harm he did to Your saints at Jerusalem...”

We are His creation and He owns us all - believers, unbelievers and all of creation. And He can choose to do whatever He wills with His creations. Additionally, if we are believers, we carry His name and are uniquely related to Him through his Son, our Lord Jesus.  When the Enemy touches God’s children, he touches God. And when you speak against His creation or against one of His children, you speak against God. 

What do your words reveal about what you think of our Creator God?  Do they reveal that you believe Him to be a good Creator and Provider? When you speak of one of His children, do your words demonstrate your respect for his/her Father?  Or does your conversation give evidence of a hard, rebellious heart that believes you are higher and wiser than our Sovereign God?  Lord, help me guard my mouth and cause my words to honor you by respecting all you have created and the children You sent Jesus to redeem.

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