Sunday School

UPDATE: We have moved our Sunday School classes online!! 

Just because we can't meet in person doesn't mean we want to stop meeting with you. Join us via every Sunday. If you have any questions please email

Friendship Class (David Marshall) – Sunday 11:50am
Zoom Meeting ID: 615-115-760
Faith Builders (Claude Williams/Daniel Shepheard) – Sunday 11am
Zoom Meeting ID: 321-415-1069 Password: FBC111 
BE: Young Adults (Luke McMeans) – Sunday 9am
Zoom Meeting ID: 268-448-033
Open Door (Brian Kelly) – Sunday 11:15am
Zoom Meeting ID: 666-709-4210
Biblical Marriage (Michael Burner) – Sunday 8:45am
Zoom Meeting ID: 543-802-244 Password: 12345
The Berean Class (Mark Ott) – Sunday 11am
Zoom Meeting ID: 892-133-0466
Living Proof (Robert Riggs) – Sunday 9am 
Zoom Meeting ID: 606-883-516


We will get back to our regularly scheduled times and locations (listed below) as soon as possible. Thank you for your flexibility.


Friendship Class (All Ages) - Meeting in Choir Room (WC 113-114)

Join us as we dive into each chapter of the gospel of John and discuss practical applications to our everyday lives. Enjoy friendship, encouragement, and lively interaction as we dig deep into the rich soil of God’s word.

Teacher: Dave Marshall

Living Proof (All Ages) - Meeting in Room 213 FLC
Join us as we explore God's Word and discuss ways to apply it to our everyday lives so that we can be "Living Proof" of God's undeniable love to those around us.  Come as you are and find support, prayer, friendship and in-depth Bible teaching to re-energize and re-focus for the week ahead. 

Teacher:  Robert Riggs & Eric Fields

Faith Builders (All Ages) - Meeting in Room 212 FLC
Faith Builders is a class that seeks to know God by clinging confidently to the truth of his Word and live as Jesus did by loving our Christian brothers and sisters and reaching out to the world. 

Teachers: Claude Williams & Daniel Sheppeard 

The Open Door (All Ages) - Meeting in Room FLC 211
The Open Door class allows for families to engage with others in a similar life stage as themselves, while studying God's Word. Our time together will focus on fellowship, expositional Bible study and prayer for one another. 

Teacher: Brian Kelly and Jerry Thatcher

BE: (Ages 23-35) - Meeting in Room FLC 210

The "BE" class is a young adults class focused on "BE"-coming more and more like Christ.  "Come BE Christ with Us"  to a dying world.  We are focused on becoming more and more like Him through the Word of God.

Teacher:  Luke McMeans

Biblical Marriage (All Ages) - Meeting in Room FLC 207

Building stronger marriages through our dependence upon Him, through the study of the Scriptures, and through mutual fellowship and support.

Teachers:  Michael & Wendy Burner


The Berean Class (All Ages) - Meeting in Room FLC 210

In the Berean Sunday School class, we study Bible books or themes. Our aim is to understand as clearly as possible both what the passage says/implies, and how these truths apply to our daily lives. 

Teachers:  David Lord and Mark Ott

Ambassador (All Ages) - Meeting in Choir Room (WC 113-114) 

The Ambassador class is open to anyone of any age. We study the Scriptures intentionally and deeply so that we shape our lives by it. No matter our age we view the Ambassador class as a place to prepare for service.Our purpose is to learn God's Word so that we can know Him and serve Him in our families, Church, communities and the World.

Teacher:  Kevin Brown

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