ladies bible study

Current Studies

Fall Semester Begins September 7, 2021

Tuesday 9:30am

Elijah by Priscilla Shirer (DVD Series)

Cost: $17
Led by: Hannah Hasty, Becky Hoffman,  Jeani Miles, Rebecca Nicholas & Sue Shotwell.  
Location: WC - 114 

Live Hopefully:  A Study in the Book of Nehemiah by Lenya Heitzig

Cost: $14
Led by: Durand Hays & Jeanine Holden.
Location: WC 108 & 109. 

Sermon on the Mount by Jen Wilkin (DVD Series)

Cost: $16
Led by: Virginia Allen, Elyanne Cothran & Celeste Gardiner  
Location: WC 111

Tuesday 6:30 PM 

Parallel Gospels in Harmony by David A. Read

Cost: $10
Led by: Elaynne Cothran, Marcia Daly, Kathy Schmidt & Judy Warren
Location: WC - WC 111

Wednesday 9:30 AM

Get Out of Your Head:  A Study in Philippians by Jennie Allen (DVD Series)

Cost: $11
Led by: Betty Erwin & Nancy Wick
Location: WC 114 - Begins September 15th 

Ezra & Nehemiah by Max Lucado

Cost: $10
Led by: Marilyn Jacobs & Anneliese Rodgers
Location: WC 108 

Wednesday 7 pm

God's Blueprint for Bible Prophecy:  Daniel by Kay Arthur

Cost: $7
Led by: Erika Browning & Lisa Kisner
Location: WC 114 

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