Prayer is both powerful and life-changing! Make prayer a natural part of your daily experience and family life.

Using the Deuteronomy 6 model of keeping God’s statutes, prayer should happen when we talk, when we sit, when we walk by the way; when we lie down, when we rise up.

Remember to Pray First!

Why pray at home?

Studies have shown that the simple routine of praying together at home makes it much more likely you will:

  • Build a life-long, thriving family

  • Strengthen the relationship with each family member

  • Nurture strong faith in the hearts of your children and teens

  • Reduce the level of tension in your home

tips and tools

Overcoming Obstacles

  • Schedule: Just like any other important event, Prayer@home needs to be included on the schedule and protected. If you use a calendar or PDA, consider creating an appointment with the family several times per week – even if that appointment is at dinner, before bed, etc.

  • Travel: Even when on the road, you can participate in family prayer by phone. You might also consider sending a text message or email saying “I am praying this for you right now…”

  • Tension: Confession (acknowledging one’s failures) in prayer can make it easier to resolve tension as family members humble themselves before God in the hearing of one another.

  • Partial Family Prayer: If a spouse or child is unwilling to participate in group prayer, the rest of the family can still enjoy and benefit from the experience. Don’t allow their lack of participation to create tension. Simply do what you can as you are able without making them feel awkward or isolated.

  • The Nudge: Give everyone permission to “nudge” one another back on track during the inevitable seasons when your prayer time wanes. Be open to reminders from your wife, husband, or child and resist the temptation to become defensive or defeated.

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Take the challenge to make prayer a habit in your home. Click the icons below for the Prayer@home Prayer Guide and a 7.5.2 Prayer Calendar.