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Available Classes

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Friendship Class (All Ages) 

Meeting Via Zoom and in person WC 114 - 9 AM

Join us as we dive into both the Old and New Testament and discuss practical applications to our everyday lives. Enjoy friendship, encouragement, and lively interaction as we study God's Word together.  In the Spring of 2024, we will be finishing up the Gospel of Mark together.

Teacher: Dave Marshall 

Living Proof (All Ages) 

Meeting in FLC Room 213/214 - 9 AM

Join the Living Proof class to study all 66 books of the Bible and to apply it to our everyday lives so that we can be "Living Proof" of God's undeniable love to those around us. Come as you are and find support, prayer, friendship, and in-depth Bible teaching to reenergize and to refocus ourselves for the week ahead. Starting in the Spring 2024, our class will be studying the book of Exodus within the context of the Pentateuch and the Old Testament.

Teachers:  Robert Riggs & Eric Fields 

Faith Builders (All Ages)

Meeting via Zoom and in person FLC Room 212 - 9 AM 

Faith Builders is a class that seeks to know God by clinging confidently to the truth of His Word and live as Jesus did by loving our Christian brothers and sisters and reaching out to the world. Join us as we are currently studying the books of Luke and Acts together.

Teacher: Daniel Sheppeard 

The Open Door (All Ages) 

Meeting in FLC Room 211 - 9 AM 

The Open Door class allows believers to engage with each other while studying God's Word. Our time together will focus on fellowship, expositional Bible study, and prayer for one another. We are currently studying the books of Luke and Acts.

Teachers: Eric Adams, Derek Bailey, Wes Basinger, Michael Burner, and Jeff Schmidt

The Berean Class (All Ages) 

Ambassador (All Ages) 

Meeting in FLC Room 210 - 9 AM 

The Berean approach “eagerly welcomes the message of the Word and examines (through inquiry and questions) the Scripture to see if these things are so with the consequence of belief.” Presently, we are working our way, verse by verse, through Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, and seeking both how His message is informed by the Old Testament and how its influence carries through the New Testament. Our goal is to practically incorporate Jesus’ teaching in our mindset and obediently follow in His steps.

Teacher:  Mark Ott 

Meeting in WC Room 115 - 9 AM

The Ambassador class's purpose is to get to know God better through His Word, so we can better serve Him in our families, church, and community, and encourage one another. We study through the Bible book by book, verse by verse, discussing it as we go, to see what it actually says, understand what those words mean, and see how that applies to our lives. Currently, we are sharing in the actions and teaching of Jesus Christ as recorded by Mark. Come join us!

Teacher:  David Lord

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