"If you ignore criticism, you will end in poverty and disgrace; if you accept correction you will be honored."  Proverbs 13:18 
Simply put, if you ignore correction dishonor will come, and if you accept correction, honor will come.  This is a challenging verse to “accept”.  Many times correction feels like dishonor, so it can be tough to see how it will actually bring honor.  Correction and criticism can have a negative connotation, and they can feel like rejection and an attack. It’s one of the reasons we tend to reject them.  They can hurt deeply, because many times the critic exposes and reveals the vulnerable areas of our lives. 
When a person hears correction, he has a powerful decision to make.  Do I listen and receive or do I reject what I have heard?  Do I get offended or do I grow?  Although, correction and criticism can come from the mouth of a loved one or from the mouth of an enemy, EITHER WAY there is value!  Some of my greatest opportunities to grow came from the mouth of those I “felt” wanted to do me harm, AND it has come from the mouth of those who loved me enough to harm me, figuratively speaking.  People who love you enough to speak hard truth in love and those who speak hard truth with no regard for love…BOTH are needed at times.
Correction causes you to retrace steps that you missed.  It can cause you to stop ignoring the areas of your life that have prevented honor from finding you.  Correction and criticism can make you fruitful and honorable in the areas of your life that have gone barren.  And so you have a choice to make…listen or ignore…be offended or be thankful…accept or reject correction and criticism!  I choose to accept! I choose to be thankful in everything.  I choose to grow.  I choose to listen.  I choose to receive honor, and in turn, honor the ONE who is transforming my life into something that is honorable…JESUS THE CHRIST!

by Marc Stern

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