Being reminded is a good and necessary thing.  I need to be regularly reminded to take my medicine.  I  have to be reminded what my passwords are for the many websites, doors and alarms I access.  Taking out the trash, watering the plants and closing the blinds at night require frequently reminders.  In today’s One Year Bible Reading we read across a priority we all must be reminded of and which needs to be our life mission.  That truth is that we have been called to “MAKE DISCIPLES.”

Jesus gives one command in this text and it is to “make disciples” (Mt. 28:19).  A ‘disciple’ is someone  who is following Jesus and committed to the mission of Jesus. Jesus modifies His command with three participles:  “going” - everywhere you go and in each place that you are; “baptizing” - identify these followers with Jesus’ Bride, the church; “teaching them to obey all He commanded us” - simply share what Jesus has taught you in His Word and how you have learned to be obedient with His teaching. Jesus lived a life of disciple-making before His own disciples.  He left us an example to follow.    
Remind yourself of what the Lord of the Universe has called you to….making disciples. Now fill in the following blank honestly…and then write this name someplace prominent in your world so that you will be regularly reminded of this priority given you by Jesus: ___________________________?!

by Curt Krohn, Senior Pastor

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