Matt 24:29-51
We live in a world of expectations, such as birthday parties, weddings, showers, new jobs, Christmas, new babies and having company. All of these events have something in common—— preparation. Without the preparation, the expectation is not fulfilled.

In the beginning of Matthew 24, Jesus lists the events that will come prior to His return. Then later in the chapter Jesus again reminds His disciples that His return is near by referring to the lesson of the fig tree.

Jesus spent His ministry here on earth teaching His disciples to be prepared for the events to come. We need to follow this same teaching.—— to live with expectancy, watching for Jesus’s return. But are we prepared for this event? In other words, have we prepared our hearts by abiding in His Word and accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior? Will we be prepared when the trumpet sounds? Will your expectation be fulfilled?

by Bonnie Reed, Women's Ministry Team

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