When the young man heard that, he went away grieving, because he had many possessions.
Matthew 19:22 CSB

Jesus' conversation with the rich young ruler is recorded for us in Matthew 19:16-22, Mark 10:17-22, and Luke 18:18-23. We know he was wealthy from all three passages. Matthew tells us that he was young (v. 20, 22), and Luke tells us he was a ruler (v.18).

This is a guy who people would think was a Christian if he attended our church, likely an outstanding member of society. But he knew without Jesus having to tell him that his outward actions were not sufficient to be reconciled to God and attain eternal life. He was discontent with just keeping his religion and knew he had not hit the mark.

Jesus got to the root of the issue, his idolatry. The man's wealth was more important to him than God. Money may be your idol too, but it could also be that you have elevated something else or someone else to God's rightful place.

What in your life, if God asked you to give it up or give it away, would be so important that you could not let it go? That although you desire eternal life, relationship and fellowship with God, is not worth the sacrifice?

Let us prayerfully evaluate and purposefully give up our idols and keep God in His rightful first place!

by Jonathan Ott, Elder

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